Blog of the week (Sept 17): She’s Savy – Us versus Them

R. Michelle aka She's Savvy

Blog link:

Author: R. Michelle aka She’s Savvy

Twitter: @ShesSavvy

As I was looking at blogs from this past week to decide who I would highlight as the blog of the week, I came across a blog that felt like something I would write.  Although I don’t date enough to chronicle my dating and relationship experiences, She’s Savvy has undertaken this task and from what I can read, she is not only taking a few blows on the dating scene but also from readers of her blog.

In the post “Us versus Them”, where the Us are single women and Them are the married women, she is defending a previous post where she indicated that she prefered men to take an interest in planning their first date with some creativity.  I totally agree with this position because as she says, “it sets the tone” for what is to follow.  If a guy doesn’t seem concerned enough to woo me in the beginning, I find it unlikely that at some point everything will change.

Anyway, She is savvy, in my opinion, when it comes to relationships and expectations so check out her blog and leave a few comments…


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