What a week!


In honor of Labor Day, I chose not to labor and spent the majority of the day relaxing and planning my week.  It was weird to not open my laptop or even log on to the internet for an entire day.  It once again reminded me that life goes on whether I am a part of the conversation or not.


My room looked exactly like this picture

I love to travel!  My bags were packed and I was on my way to the District of Columbia, sort of.  The funny thing about DC is that you can stay in Maryland, DC or Virginia and it doesn’t really matter where you have to get to because they are in such close proximity to each other.  So, I actually ended up staying in Maryland, close to the airport.

Once I landed and checked in the BWI Westin, I ventured downstairs for some discounted cocktails and ended up selling several books (Do you have your copy of Is She The ONE? ~ buy it on Amazon.com TODAY) to the bartenders and managers of the hotel.  The staff at this hotel is sooo friendly.  If you order extra cream for the coffee already in your room, they actually call you back to make sure you received it.  The Residence Inn in Midtown Atlanta is my favorite hotel but BWI Westin is a very close second.

The rooms are spacious enough for you to work and relax without feeling confined.  Between my laptop, binder and BlackBerry; I am a traveling office.


Today was the big day, the reason for my travels, the BOSS Network’s DC Influencer event.  Trust me… it lived up the hype.  I think we were all a bit nervous to go into an area with a few contacts and an amazing group of women hoping that people would show up to support them but it ended up being an amazing evening.  I met so many of my Twitter friends and ladies from The BOSS Network who I had only seen profile pictures and read bios.  Now I am able to visualize their face and hear their voice when reading their comments.

I had the honor of ustreaming interviews with guests of the event, some of the influencers, our host Michelle Hargrove and the guest speaker, Valeisha Butterfield.  I was nervous at first but after speaking with these inspiring women, my nervousness turned to excitement and I had a great time.  Cameka Smith, the Founder and Visionary of The BOSS Network did an amazing job executing the event.  A special thanks to the L2 Lounge, an exclusive members only establishment, for opening their doors to us.  The appetizers were tasty and the drinks had these little yellow and orange flowers in them (they were tasty and attractive, sounds like the perfect BOSS drink). Next stop ~ Atlanta GA…

Check out a snippet of my BOSS broadcast…


Yes, I love to travel but there is no place like home.  After flying back to Alabama, I was scheduled for a book signing at The Tipping Point in Montgomery.  The event, hosted by S.H.E. Agency, was my first official book signing so I was nervous and excited once again.  Thankfully, my Marketing Manager, Tanisha Rankins was there to calm my nerves.  We stopped by the Hampstead Library and donated a book to their collection (Tanisha is great at thinking about stuff like that).  Traci Smith, the Owner of S.H.E. Agency, is such a gracious hostess, not only does she find great venues but there is always a nice mixture of people at her events.  It was fun to meet people and have lively intelligent conversation.  I left with lots of fuel for future blogs 🙂


I am officially back home working, blogging and playing Monster Trucks with my little one.  He says that he missed me so much and hopes I don’t have to go back to the buildings (his term for the city) tomorrow.  It is nice to get a good night’s rest in your own bed but it is even better knowing that someone cares when you are not around. I missed blogging this past week but enjoyed the break.  It was nice to get out of the country (country as in rural area lol) to have a few more experiences, meet a few people and come up with new ideas for the blog and my business.  Stay tuned and continue leaving comments…


4 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Robert says:

    What busy week you had. You’ve got to be a lover of travel to walk in your shoes. Your VIP status with me will remain active. Keep doing what you do.


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