Do not give up

Yesterday was one of those days.  I feel like I am having more and more of those days lately.  You know the kind where it seems like you just want to give up.  It seems like the road ahead is too much and you just can’t go on…

I have realized (and often blogged about) the cost of success.  In order to achieve success or to make things happen, you have to take risks.  You have to do things that other people don’t do, that other people won’t do, you have work harder and smarter than others, you have to sacrifice some things that are important to you and occasionally you let some people down because the path to your vision isn’t inline with what they want.

Right now, I am working on a million projects and for everything that I add to my plate, something has to come off.  That’s just the reality but yesterday morning, it all just felt overwhelming.  I was tired, having a bad hair day and few others things.  As I was driving to my destination, I wanted to turn my car around and go home.  I wanted to give up.

Once I arrived at my destination (yes, I pushed forward), I had a chance to be alone with my thoughts, pen and paper.  This is what I came up with…

Do not give up

You can be assured that times will get tough because of your limited resources

It is a fact that your mind will grow tired of all of the racing thoughts

Your body will also get weary from the lack of sleep and always pushing forward

Do not give up

The climb to the top is steep, there are no elevators

The path is rough, there is no easy street

The road is long, there are no shortcuts

Do not give up

Even when others do not understand

Even when you feel alone with your dreams

Even when the vision gets a little blurred

Do not give up

Your steps are ordered and you are destined for greatness

You are stronger than your mind can conceive, everything you need lies within

You must keep your faith, your belief in thoughts unseen

I imagine that somewhere today there is someone considering giving up on their dream, their relationship, their job or even their life.  I encourage you to stay on your journey.  There is a plan for your life and only you have the power to make it a reality.  If you want more from your life, you have to work hard for it and remain steadfast through the storm knowing sunshine is around the corner.

By the way… how did my day end?  I decided not to give up.  I went into a praise session with God and told him that I was going to quit the pity party.  I prayed for him to continue blessing me with the vision and the ability, to continue ordering my steps and to be a rock of stability in my life.  Most of all, I thanked him for all that he has blessed me with in the past, for everything I have and for all that I know he will bless me with in the future.  After that, I had three great client calls and spent a nice evening with my son.

We all feel like giving up sometimes but don’t…


16 thoughts on “Do not give up

  1. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    Do Not Give Up.. Is absolutely right.. I myself have been battling with a few of those days as you described.. And yes it been more than a few lately.. But I realized that what really was causing the conflict was the negative self talk I was inflicting on myself, but was unaware of… I have chosen to silence that noise and proceed on in HIS Glory…

    I have no doubt in my mind that no matter what you will never give up b/c of what you said ~ There is a plan for your life and only you have the power to make it a reality ~ And your power illuminates through us all…


    • Roderick, you always leave me such inspiring comments. I can tell that you are really internalizing what I am thinking and writing. Thanks for all of your support. Glad to be on this journey with you 🙂


  2. So true! Great message! Coincidentally I posted on my blog today on how to refocus your energy during tough times. It is definitely a choice we make to not remain stuck. Forward motion is how goals are reached.


    • Great minds think alike 😉
      I think many people assume achieving their goals should be easy but I think we all have moments of hesitation, self-doubt or just not wanting to do it any more. I feel blessed to have some many people, like you, to keep me encouraged and to let me know that I am not alone.


  3. Hi good morning LaKesha, and fellow bloggers;

    It is so true what you are saying LaKesha.

    Sometimes we, and especially on a Monday morning after a good weekend, we tend to feel so down, and in many cases even in a way a little depressed. Maybe it’s because we enjoyed the weekend too much, or that we not focused enough for what we need to do for the week; it could be different reasons.

    I agree with you – one need to just get up, and get busy, not only with the task for the day or week ahead, but to think positive thoughts. Positive thoughts will lead to positive actions. An old age saying: “Actions speak loader than words”. By conditioning yourself to stay and be positive, and thankful for the blessings you have in life, these positive thoughts become our positive actions again.

    It is great to see you make use of positive affirmations. These affirmations condition our sub conscience mind if we daily affirm them. Days when we feel down like you felt, we can confirm these affirmations to ourselves and even people around us. Our thought patters become our Lifestyle and Legacy.

    To your success!
    Jean Kruger
    Ps: Maybe it will not harm to list a few positive affirmations on our blogs. I also believe different individuals will have different affirmation pertaining to their own life.


  4. I so needed to read this. This week, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with everything I have going on. Of course, you know I believe in you and your goals (at least I hope you know lol!) so keep on keeping on, sis.

    Oh yeah, I’m gonna have to write the piece you wrote above on a notecard and keep it with me all the time. Thanks for sharing : )*heart* ya!





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