Who inspires you?

There are some things that don’t come as a surprise to people who read my blog on a regular basis.  My support of The BOSS Network is one of those things.  After joining this online community, I have had the priviledge of connecting with some of the most inspiring, encouraging and all around supportive women that I never imagined having in my life.

I am about embark on a six-city journey with Cameka Smith, Founder of The BOSS Network, to find women who are inspiring others in their community.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to travel the country over the next three months to meet these amazing women (and I don’t even know who they are yet).

While promoting this event, I begin to think about who inspires me?  Who keeps me moving forward when I feel like giving up?  I had one of those days very recently.  Everything that I think could have gone wrong, felt like it did.  I actually did give up for about an hour.  I just felt like I had enough, I wanted out, after all, what’s the point of doing all that I do?  I often try to be everything to everyone and I fall short occassionally.  It is as much a blow to me as I am sure it to them but I’m not superwoman.  I sometimes have to tell myself that I do what I can not what I can’t.

So… how did I get back on track?  Oddly, I logged into my Twitter account and there were so many messages from people in my life with such postive affirmations that I mean something to someone.  I don’t want to be anyone’s end all or be all but it feels good to know that people think of you and want the best for you.

I look forward to seeing YOU along  this journey and you know I will be blogging about my experiences along the way.  By the way, who inspires you?  Leave me a comment about the person or persons that keep you going…

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First stop… the nation’s capitol, Washington DC


5 thoughts on “Who inspires you?

  1. Chavarro says:

    I agree that it is very important in work (and life) to surround yourself with people that are mutually encouraging of one another. Keep the Faith and keep moving forward!


  2. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    People just like you inspire me… That are reaching out to the masses and share their gifts with the world in hopes that they can create some good for someone. And they write blogs so people like me can get inspired with their stories and thoughts…

    Thanks for all you do!!!


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