How the crisis in the Gulf could have been avoided…

I am no where near the brightest brick in the blocks but I have a pretty good theory on how the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico could have been avoided.

One of the first facts that must be accepted, however it will not be liked, is that this event could not have been avoided but the crisis that ensued could have been prevented.  What do I mean by that?

I am not a scientist or advanced mathematician but I understand probabilities.  The probability of something happening is often one in a million or one in ten million or sometimes even higher than that.  The probability of this event occurring existed.  Now think about the number times that drilling has occurred.  Mathematically, we reached the probability.  Some may even argue that BP may have gotten the short end of the deal because it was their millionth or ten millionth or whatever drill that hit the magic number.

But before you go down that road, you also have to consider the number of environmental incidents that BP has been involved with in the last decade (not a good look).

Anyway, my point is that the event could not have been prevented, however the crisis which is the continuous distribution of oil in the Gulf of Mexico could have been avoided.  Again, I am far from genius status but I would assume that for a project of this magnitude, BP and all of the other oil companies should have one brainiac who sits around thinking about worst case scenarios and creating solutions BEFORE the incident occurs.  Regardless of the probability, they should have taken some money from their billion dollar budget to allocate toward researching “what if” scenarios and finding solutions.  Yes, I am sure at the time it did not seem like a necessary thing to do but look at where we are now.

The wetlands surrounding the Gulf of Mexico are  being destroyed.  Thousands, if not millions, of people are losing their livelihoods because they depended on the Gulf of Mexico, in some way, to make a living.  We are losing species of animals that may never be replaced.  Our seafood supply has not only been reduced but the disbursement of chemicals to break down the oil into smaller particles is being digested by the animals that are surviving.

We have no idea what the long-term ramifications of the environmental crisis will be, however, I don’t feel like I am stepping out on a limb when I say this crisis could have been avoided…


6 thoughts on “How the crisis in the Gulf could have been avoided…

  1. Robert says:

    I agree with you 100%. Its actually a fact that I pointed out several times in conversations with friends. Its almost as if BP was shocked that it happened and said, “Hmm, what do we do now?


  2. A.B. Robinson, says:

    I concur. Short cuts were certainly taken. Warnings were not acknowledged, based on reports. Design risks were inherent – safeguards that would be deemed necessasy in the UK or other markets were not in place. You are so very correct in saying that this could have been avoided, at least the catastrophic event had necessary plans and safeguards been in place. Great post.


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