Montgomery Tweet and Greet

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Last night was my first tweet and greet.  I was a little nervouse because I knew that there would be less than three people at the event that I had ever met before.  Although I may seem like the super networker, I am like everyone else and can be intimidated by groups of people especially when you know that you won’t know many people there.

However, I was curious to see some of the profile pictures and tweets in real life.  It is amazing how connected tweople are to each other whether they know each other in reality or just virtually.  As everyone was sitting around the tables eating, drinking and talking; it was hard to distinguish those who had just met from the ones that work with each other on a daily basis.

The bartender at Eastside Grille created a special “Twitter Drink” for us at a discount price so you know that helped to get the conversation flowing.  Our host, Traci Smith, Owner of S.H.E. Agency, made sure everyone had a nametag with their online name and at some point she also made it a point to personally greet each person that arrived.

As a show of how far  our society has advanced technologically, one guest @2kapacity was broadcasting clips via ustream while others were taking pictures and tweeting back and forth with those in attendance and some that wish they could have attended.  I saw a tweet that said, “a tweet and greet is the only time its ok for everyone to be on the phone.” So true.

Check out my top 5 people to follow from the Montgomery Tweet and Greet:

  • @sheagency because she organized the event, tweeted it like crazy and made sure everyone had a great time
  • @robsmada because he is a twitter girl’s best friend, I’ve heard that he has Twitter angels and I’m wondering how I can get on that list
  • @makasha – if you like me and my writing, you will like her, once we started talking, we didn’t stop for about two hours
  • @slickgilchrist because he showed up with a personalized Twitter t-shirt and it was haute, not corny or cheesy but something I would buy or want to design for myself
  • @thefokusedone because he is a talented writer, tried to read his blog but decided not to since I was spending the night alone in a hotel room

It felt good to develop a real life connection with some of the people that I see online regularly.  I encourage each of you to do the same.  It’s great to establish online connections but you also need to get out and meet some people.


6 thoughts on “Montgomery Tweet and Greet

  1. What an honor to be recognized in the top 5. It was so good to meet you. I’ve got a story to share with you that I forgot to tell you last night.


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