You are the sum of your influences

Treat yourself, don't wait for someone else to treat you

A lot of times we try to deny the influence that our past has on us by simply saying that we have moved on.  Yet moving on is not the same as dealing with, accepting and moving forward.  We deny the effects of the people in our lives by thinking we are stronger than them and will triumph over whatever comes our way.  For example, sometimes you share your goals and visions with people who may be your family or friends but because they can’t see it, they will distract you from where you are supposed to go.  They don’t do it out of malice but simply because the experiences have told them it is not possible for them, therefore they don’t think its possible for you either.

What we don’t realize is that we are the sum of our influences.  Everything that happens to us, around us and because of us will have an effect on us.  These effects are sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  Guess what… you have control over that.  Many of us discount the impact that we have on our destinies because we don’t fully embrace our power therefore never realize our purpose.

Did you know that we are all created separate but equal?  That is not just jargon on a legal document but it is reality.  The sum of those influences from the day we are born until this moment has an impact on each decision that you make.  Otherwise, how can two people raised in the same environment, whether a drug-infested ghetto or a million dollar mansion, will take different paths and achieve different levels of success.  One person may look at their situation and resent everything around them and vow to take a different path while the other will accept life as it is and continue down the same path.  Do you see the key to these situations?  Each person made a choice.

You are not the victim of your circumstance.  No matter how much you may try to blame those around you for your situation, you have a choice at every turn and those choices not those people will dictate what happens next.  We have become so accustomed to allowing others to define us, dictate our steps and create our images that we lose sight of ourselves.  Even when dealing with your past, you have to realize that you can continue to wallow in everything that could have been, should have been and would have been or you can accept that it made you who you are and work toward who you want to be.

You are the sum of the influences and it is up to you to decide whether that will be a positive or a minus.  I choose victory and I am a positive.  What are you?


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