Blog of the Week (August 13): Lady Reese Speaks – The Sale Ends Today

Blog Link:

Author: Cheresa Purnell aka Lady Reese

Twitter: @LadyReeseSpeaks

Sometimes you read something so profound that it not only resonates as a truth in the universe but also a truth in your life.  You know, those messages that make you stop in your tracks and ask, “Is she talking to me?”

I met Lady Reese, as I have met many of my new “friends”, on Twitter.  I don’t always have time to immediately check out their websites when we connect or begin to follow each other.  I usually get around to it once we start to communicate or tweet each other.  It is amazing how many talented writers are online speaking truths that encourage people to reevaluate some of their lifestyle choices and behaviors.

Lady Reese’s blog of the week, The Sale Ends Today, is a post that I believe every young woman needs to read.  She is honest about her personal experiences and encourages others to do the same.  As women, we have to know our value before we can expect others to pay a premium for us.  Take a minute to check out this great post…


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