Reflections: My Faith Is My Foundation

I am not ashamed to admit that less than a year ago I was not nearly as comfortable witnessing about my faith as I am now.  I was afraid that talking about my faith might offend someone who believed differently than me.  Even when I started this blog, I tried to keep my faith out of it.  I began to ease it into the conversation with my Christian and Cool segment but still struggled to embrace my beliefs and spent more time questioning it.

Diamond is a jewel symbolizing Jesus, the (priceless) jewel; who is our Savior and Lord. The diamond is “superimposed” upon the cross which is a symbol that Christ is our foundation. The Cross is a symbol of Calvary where Jesus bled and died for our salvation. The Cross bridges us to our precious jewel of salvation – Jesus – and the open cross represents the “Victory” of salvation.

What changed? I’m not sure.  I took a break from the Christian and Cool writing because I didn’t know what else to say, I couldn’t find the right words for those Sunday posts, there was a block within me.  I spent the past few months anticipating a change in my ministry and reconciling within myself how that change was going to effect me.  I am a member of the AME Zion denomination and we have a Young Adult in Christian Ministry (YACM) department that ministers to 22-40 year olds through prayer and mentoring.  The YACM has a national (or connectional as we refer to it within the denomination) steering committee.  In July I attended our Christian Education Convention where leadership for our national committees were elected and those leaders will serve four-year terms.  Most of you that know me, know where this story is going.  I was elected to the committee as the South Central Chairperson, which means I will be working on ministries in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Trust me… I didn’t think I could handle one project especially one of this magnitude because starting a company or joining a Board of Directors is much different from making a committment to help build God’s kingdom.  Although I am a part of this committee, I am “officially” accountable to God for my actions and the work I do.  As I began to mentally prepare for this position, things in my life began to change.  I stopped having so many questions about my faith and began to embrace it.  I will admit that I still have less traditional views on Christianity than many people but I have accepted that my faith is my foundation.

I believe our society has compartmentalized faith to such a degree that many people think their faith is separate from every other component of their life.  It is almost as if it has its place –>>> over there rather than it being the base of everything that we do.  I feel as though some people that I was once close to, I am not close to anymore and some things that were once ok with me, are not any more.  I will never judge anyone because that’s not my job but I am finding myself ministering to more people and my faith is the starting point for a lot of conversations.  I still have some old habits that need to be broken but I am honest about it and don’t try to be perfect.  I want you to know… I am a work in progress.  Key phrase “in progress” which means I am moving forward but not there yet.

Sometimes I find myself saying things that I never imagined so boldly professing about my faith but it feels so good to not have to hide that part of me.  I am excited about what is in store for my ministry and moving toward more Christian-based business consulting because I want the people that I work with to experience the same level of joy and success that I have… not in material gain but establishing themselves as Christians doing the right thing at all times knowing that their blessings will manifest from there.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Reflections: My Faith Is My Foundation

  1. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    I definitely feel ya.. I am on a spiritual journey myself… Although I am not part of an organized organization, I do follow my daily spiritual practice religiously… I also find myself ministering more to people I know who seem to be in constant crisis.. And it seems as the closer I get to GOD the more I find myself talking about my faith…So I really understand…

    Thanks for posting.. I am not alone 🙂


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