What does your favorite color say about your personality?

Not many people put much thought into their favorite color.  For many, someone asks, “What’s your favorite color?”, a color pops in your head and you respond with an answer.  For others, this color has been consistent for many years of their life and may even have some symbolism for them.  So… what does your favorite color say about your personality?

Let’s take ten of the most common colors and you can let me know if the assessments are close or not…

*this is not scientific and for fun only

Black: makes the best of any situation, able to get along with any personality type, usually deep thinkers without the need to verbalize all of their thoughts, tend to be entrepreneurs focused on achieving success in business

Green: goal oriented and focused on making things happen, thrive on having balance in their lives while seeking to create peace around them, often involved in lots of community activities, prefer to help people versus corporations achieve success

Red: hot like fire and not afraid to voice your opinion, often speaks before thinking and can hurt others unintentionally, will be the life of the party even if secretly feeling a little insecure in their environment, great negotiators because they are not afraid to stand their ground

Orange: loves change, thrives on having a strong foundation, likes to be a part of the “in” crowd and wants to stay abreast of the latest fashions while maintaining their personal style, has a tendency to be dramatic, great spokesperson for a company or organization

Blue:  calm and serene, great conversationalist because they think before they speak and show great consideration for the feelings of others, very faithful although they don’t deal well with change, are great team members because they bring stability to the group

Pink: a girly girl who embraces her femininity, thrives on being loved and accepted, will not go against the grain unless forced, extremely loyal once allowed in their inner circle, can help your group with marketing because they view situations from a holistic approach and wants to make sure everyone is happy and included

Yellow: always looking on the bright side, intellectuals with a  great sense of humor however not very responsible, free thinkers and great visionaries, to be successful they must have an assistant to carry out the duties of their visions

Silver: someone who doesn’t like to ruffle feathers and will usually go along with the group, very cautious and hard workers, has a natural business sense and very responsible, not usually the idea people but will thrive when given direct tasks to complete

Gold: very solid and dependable, often conservative thinkers and like to plan before acting, can be considered inflexible but enjoys being held accountable, will make great chairpersons of committees or department heads because they like receiving directions then delegating tasks to achieve the mission

Purple: the first thing that comes to mind is royalty, very witty and aware of those around them, wants everyone to feel included although they prefer to maintain their individuality, great company or organization leaders because their charisma can rally a group around a common cause without a specific plan or agenda

I’m interested to hear what your favorite color is and whether the descriptions fit your personality.


14 thoughts on “What does your favorite color say about your personality?

  1. This is very interesting because Emerald Green is my favorite color and this describes me so well. I am very goal oriented and I truly do love to help others. I like to stay behind the scenes and help out as much as possible. I love this!


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