Blog of the week (August 6): Ladi Chic

Judith Farmer aka Ladi Chic

Blog Link:

Author: Judith Farmer

Twitter: @ladichic

When I decided to write about this stylish lady’s blog, I thought I would go to the page and easily pick one to highlight.  Little did I know, since the last time I visited (one day last week), the site has exploded with fabulous finds.

A lot of people think that style is dependent on the amount of money that you spend on your wardrobe, however, the most stylish people that I know have figured out the true secret to having great style (hint: it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with taste and fit).

I feel fortunate to have had a chance to speak with this dynamic diva on the phone and look forward to meeting her in person soon.  One of the things that I noticed from our conversation and from her tweets is that fashion and style oozes from her.  She strikes me as one of those people that will always have on something fabulous that you wish you had, plan to go out and buy or just can’t stop staring at.  Thankfully the blog world allows people with impeccable talents to share them with the world.  We are blessed to have this woman sharing some of her great finds with the virtual world.

Unfortunately, I could not pick not one blog from her page to point out but I will share a few pictures (below) that I am sure will have you headed in her direction and forsaking my poor little fashionless blog.  I don’t mind 🙂 We all have our niche and Ladi Chic, as Judith refers to herself, is a Stylist Star on the Rise.  Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.

ZANE from the BellaDonna Collection

Alexander McQueen Studded Skull Clutch

Oh Thank Heaven Ring available at Abrielle's Closet


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