One of my secrets to having it all…

I cannot promise you that I have all of the answers to achieving success in life but I have figured out a few things.  One of them is that I can have it all and the other is that in order to have it all, I have to stay organized.

I have searched for years to find the perfect system to keep me and my “have it all” attitude moving in a forward direction.  I finally realized that like many other problems that I face in life, the perfect solution is usually the one that I create for myself.  I would like to share my system for staying organized with you.  It is a work in progress so make sure you check back often because I may make some adjustments as more people begin to use it and provide feedback.  I encourage you to submit your ideas also for making the system more user friendly.

  1. 1 1/2 inch three ring binder with clear view front (to insert an information sheet with your company/project logo *keeps your eye on the prize*) and pockets in the front and back (to store information until you have time to file it)
  2. A zippered pouch with three holes so it fits in the front of the binder.  Inside of the pouch store pens/pencils, a mini stapler, white out, scissors, a sharpie, a highlighter and a calculator.  You will prepared for almost any project that comes your way, no matter your physical location. It feels like you have your desk with you everywhere you go.
  3. A month by month calendar so that you have an overview of where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing for the next year and a half.  This is not the place to write specific details rather to give you a general idea of what your will include.  This is especially helpful if you travel a lot or attend a lot of events.  One of the worst mistakes you can make is to over-commit yourself.
  4. 2 set of tabs – one for the days of weeks that you want to track (Monday through Friday = 5 or Sunday through Saturday = 7) and a set for your projects (list the projects that you want to track i.e. household budget, committees that meet regularly, work groups).  For me the tabs are the key because I keep my daily activities filed under each day of the week and store memos, emails that I need to have readily accessible, old meeting notes/agendas, etc so that I don’t have to constantly search for information on my desk or in my BlackBerry.

Need some help getting organized?  Email me ( to discuss some tips to help you create a system that will allow you to have it all!!


7 thoughts on “One of my secrets to having it all…

  1. Great stuff. I’m all about organization (even though with two toddlers you won’t know it). I have everything except my pouch which I’ll be purchasing today.

    You’re right. Sometimes having it all together means putting it down on paper or in a calendar or whatever suits your fancy.

    Either way paper will never forget, but your memory might.


  2. Chavarro says:

    Very nicely done! Over the years I’ve purchased numerous planners, calendars, etc. but they’ve all fallen short in one way or another.

    I love the idea of creating it yourself and will start mine today! Please keep sharing your organization “nuggets of wisdom”. Thanks!

    FYI, you could sell this as an ALL-INCLUSIVE organizer!!!


  3. I love it! What you described is very similar to what I did to keep myself organized in college — now that I’ve graduated I like your description of it as contributing to a positive work/life balance.



    • I encourage you to continue using it because now that you have graduated, you will have even more responsibilities. I love the concept of *Dream magazine. If I can do anything to help you out, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The children are our future 🙂


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