Success Secret #38

As I read the Facebook statuses and Twitter posts of the people in my network, I have noticed that most of friends are part of the 20% of people who I believe work as hard, if not harder, as I do.  I have also noticed that many of them will disappear from the virtual world for a week, two or three.

Initially when I noticed these disappearing acts, I would find myself concerned that something had happened to them.  However, they usually pop back online after a time and jump back into the conversation with their blogs, updates and tweets.

Success Secret #38… take some time to savor your successes.  We all have to live our priorities and focus on those things that are most important to us.  Sometimes social networking makes the cut and sometimes it doesn’t.  But we have to always be conscious of the time that we take for ourselves.  During those times of winding down, disconnecting and relaxing; you have to also remind yourself of the things going well so that you have the motivation to jump back on the horse and ride again.  Otherwise, your hiatus may last a little bit longer than you may have originally planned.

As the summer draws to a close (yes it really is August already), kids are getting ready to go back to school, plans are being made for an end of the year push to make your goals; don’t forget to take some time for yourself and spend some time reflecting on all of things that went well or things that are going well.  It’s ok to keep pushing to get more, do more and be more but at some point you also have to remember how you got to this place and avoid burn out.

Sometimes I find it hard to wind down but I have to remind myself that balance is just as necessary for me to become successful as doing the work.  If I am not balanced and make it to the top, it is almost a guarantee that I won’t be there very long.  Sadly, the higher you climb without balance in your life, the longer the fall to your resting time.  Take some time along your journey to smell the flowers and rub some sunshine on your face.  You only get one shot at life, don’t spend it all working or all relaxing.


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