My name is Victory

Ok… that’s not really my name but…

I am claiming victory in my life.  Although that may sound like a simple task, it is actually quite difficult for some.  To claim victory in your life also means that you have to let go of the defeats life may have thrown your way and choose to live on the good side.

I often hear people talk about all of the things that have gone wrong or that are going wrong in their lives but guess what? You often have to experience defeat in order to appreciate success.  However, you must savor the salt of defeat to enjoy the sweet taste of success because those bitter life lessons prepare you and make you stronger to move forward and achieve the success.  Imagine if you never knew what it felt like to fail… how much could you truly appreciate it when things worked out?

My people living defeated lives are doing so because they don’t claim the victory nor do they learn from the lessons.  They are often content with the status quo and feel as though they have reached their peak.  They even feel as though life has beat them down so much that there is no point in staging a comeback.  I can’t imagine getting to that level because my victory is derived from me finding joy in the basic blessings that God has provided therefore everything else is a bonus.  Every setback is a setup for a comeback.  I may fall down but the victory occurs when I get up and keep trying.

I’ve claimed victory because:

  • I have the mindset to help others without expecting anything in return.  When you can focus on being a Blessing instead of constantly seeking Blessings, a funny thing happens… you receive more Blessings.
  • I am doing the work in my profession because I enjoy it and not because of the income potential.  Although there are some days when I am just not feeling it, I wouldn’t trade the lowest of those days for the highest I would feel doing something else.  Sometimes we feel defeated because we can’t appreciate how good we have it.
  • I have a support system that encourages me to dream bigger, do more and be better than I ever imagined.  The key is to surround yourself with other claiming victory in their lives.  Rather than always having pity parties and complaining, you need to be around people who are celebrating their successes, regardless of how small or insignificant to others because those celebrations will keep you lifted up instead of weighed down.
  • My faith is the foundation of my future.  I don’t care if everyone believes in God or not.  I know where my belief lies and pray that each person in this world can find the same peace that my faith gives me.  In the absence of faith, many times there doesn’t seem to be a higher purpose for life thus no reason to continue the fight.

Will you choose victory or defeat in your life?


3 thoughts on “My name is Victory

  1. Roderick Frizzelle says:

    I chose victory… Is there anything else? Not for me…

    I really appreciate this post b/c a friend of mine is in crisis mode and claiming defeat b/c of her past… I am going to read this post and remind her to claim victory instead of defeat…

    Great Post… Thanks.. I think we needed this!!


    • Roderick, I pray that you encourage your friend to claim the victory because you cannot and will not win if you have already accepted defeat. We serve an awesome God but sometimes our lack of long term memory prevents us from remembering all that God has already brought us through therefore when something happens we think He has forgotten us. Yes, we will fail down but if your friend is still living, she is winning the battle. The victory is in finding your blessings in what you have rather than focusing on what is wrong.


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