Is your business at maximum capacity?

As a small business owner, you are always seeking new business, trying to hold on to current business and looking for ways to bring back old business.  However, have you considered at what level your business will reach maximum capacity?

In theory we like to believe that our business is capable of servicing any and everyone that wants our product/service; however the reality is that our business model is only equipped to handle so much “work”.  Many major corporations hire efficiency experts to help them streamline processes and constantly find new ways to do things better but in less time so that they can produce more.  Yet, as small business owners, we often create a process and stick with it regardless of our growth.  We often forget that there may be a quicker or easier way to do something  because we get used to the way we have always done things.

This attitude is harmful to your business for the following reasons:

  1. It is possible that you could be overextending yourself and not delivering on your full promise to your customer because of a lack of time and/or resources.
  2. It is also possible that you are able to handle more business but because of a lack of efficient processes, you always feel “busy” without accomplishing very much.

Working with a business consultant, will allow you to attain an outside perspective of your operation’s procedures and processes to ensure you are working efficiently while delivering on all of the promises that your business has made to your customers.  We can examine your sales processes, accounting procedures and training policies to ensure all systems are operating at full speed.  We can even discuss what happens once you reach maximum capacity and want more business.

Contact me ( today for a one hour complimentary consultation to discuss how to determine whether your business is operating at maximum capacity and what to do next.


What do you think?

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