Entrepreneur of the Week by The Cash Flow

I am honored that The Cash Flow took the time to interview me and name me as their Entrepreneur of the Week for July 2-8, 2010.  Read the article, then click on the link to read my Question and Answer segment.  See more featured blog and articles.

LaKesha Womack, Entrepreneur of the Week

THURSDAY, JULY 8, 2010 — To call LaKesha Womack, 32, a master of multitasking, a creative colossus, is to realize those descriptions fall woefully short of just how varied her career is. What’s she involved in? It might be easier to ask what she isn’t involved in. As her Web site notes, she’s a business consultant; a professional speaker; a writer of both thoughtful blog posts and self-published books; and even an “international event and wedding planner.”

Of those four hats, though, the one she wears most frequently is the first. A political-science major at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, she moved back home to tiny Evergreen, Alabama (population 3,000), to be closer to her family, raise her young son and get her business consultancy going in earnest.

Mission accomplished: Despite the seeming handicap of her tumbleweed location, Womack has built a thriving consultancy based on word of mouth, extensive use of social media (she does little traditional advertising, preferring the economies of scale presented by Twitter) and constant networking.

She has set up affiliations with four area Chambers of Commerce, hosting seminars and mentoring programs that help expand her brand and generate new local business. She also has clients nationwide, with whom she stays in regular contact via phone and sometimes travels to see. The ease of small-town life and the at-home flexibility she has with her son, who’s 4, vastly outweigh the attraction of a larger city.

“I have a broad base of people I work with,” she says, noting that her location hasn’t been the slightest bit detrimental. “I help my clients with the fundamentals. My goal is to help people start and run successful businesses.”

Read the Q&A…


6 thoughts on “Entrepreneur of the Week by The Cash Flow

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Still reading blogs and enjoying them. Sorry you never got back with me on class or our meeting. I know how busy you must be with so many wonderful things happening in your life. It’s your season. Stay Blessed!!!!


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