To cheat or not to cheat…

Have you ever met someone and knew that they were perfect for you except… you had someone and they had someone and both of you were too honest to do the wrong thing.  Damn conscious!

Doesn’t it get worse when you see this person almost everywhere you go?  You have some of the same friends.  You enjoy the same things.  You have to pretend like that magnetic chemistry that makes you want to tear his clothes off doesn’t exist.

Oh yeah, life starts feeling really good when you start seeing each other while you are each with your significant others.  Everyone is having such a good time but all you can do is fantasize about being alone with the forbidden one.

The last straw comes when you are in the heat of the moment with the one you love, you look up and see the face of the one you desire…

I’m looking forward to seeing your answers…. don’t worry they’re anonymous 😉


One thought on “To cheat or not to cheat…

  1. sunt97 says:

    I can’t even vote because I am living this hell right now. Dude is married now and we have a connection that everyone sees. We have known one another for 15 years and never dated. A few years ago before he even got back with his high school sweetheart we realized our attraction. He was ready to get married and we weren’t even talking like that, so he married what he thought he knew. Turns out she is not the same girl from high school and he is so pissed. I am thankful he is in th ATL and I in Ohio. All we can do is flirt and bump into one another during the holidays because we have the same friends. We both know are feelings are deep but we are doing the best thing and that’s avoiding one another, but we do have our weak moments.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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