Blog of the Week (July 2): Stiletto Power – Fight the Urge to Multi-Task

Charisma K. Adams, Stiletto Power

Blog Link:

Author: Charisma K. Adams

Twitter: @SEConsultinginc

I am truly blessed to have more work than I imagined coming in to my businesses but that also means that I have to DO a lot of work because so many people count on me to deliver and help them create successful businesses.  I once thought that working on everything at once was the only way to manage my projects.  I did not believe that focusing in one task, completing it and then starting another would help me accomplish everything on my to do list.

This week’s blog of the week by Charisma K. Adams is for everyone who thinks like I did.  She provides some practical tips to help you manage your workflow and maximize your productivity.  Check out Fight the Urge to Multi-Task (You’ll Thank Me Later) and spend some time looking around her site.  She offers lots of practical advice for women in business.


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