Reflections: Writing “Is She The ONE?”

One night, I was sleeping sooo good.  You know that good sleep that makes you never want to move? Yeah, I was sleeping like that.  My son was less than a year old and he was sleeping too.  I think that’s what my sleep felt so good, uninterrupted sleep, a new mother’s wish come true.

Around 1am I was awoken with the thought of a book.  I tried to push it to the back of my mind but the thoughts kept flowing.  I was envisioning chapter after chapter and it was almost as if I was reading a book that hadn’t even been written.  I told myself not to worry about it and that I could work on it the next day but no such luck.  The ideas became more and more vivid until I felt as if I had to do something about it.

Needless to say, that was the end of my peaceful rest.  I got up around 4am and starting writing/typing the book.  Twelve hours later I had written over a hundred pages and had no idea what to do next.  I was elated to have the idea out of my head but I wasn’t sure if it was anything that anyone else would want to read.

I left the document in a file on my computer for about two years.  I landed a job writing for a local newspaper and was amazed that people would stop me in the streets to tell  me how much they enjoyed my writing.  I was a Political Science major in college with a minor in Philosophy so I am trained to think up theories and write about them .  Once I left the newspaper, I had a sizable collection of articles written on various topics and no idea what to do with them either.  Yes, most of the people in the surrounding towns had read them but I wanted to share them with a larger audience.

Somehow I discovered the world of blogging and fell instantly in love.  I had created websites for myself in the past so it was easy to set up shop once I found a template that tickled my fancy and I already had a boatload of material so it was on and poppin’ (lol).  Then these nagging thoughts of the book began to resurface in my mind.  If people enjoyed my blog then why wouldn’t they enjoy the book?

I spent a few days in a hotel room in Orlando enjoying good food, good wine and a great view to finish the book.  I was so excited!  It felt like I had the finished product and I told everyone I knew that the book was done.  I even sent it out to some friends and received some great feedback from men and women.  However, many of the guys said that it wasn’t long enough.  They wanted more information.  “WTF?” I never imagined the guys saying they wanted to read more but ok, I aim to please.  Back to writing I went.  It actually worked out pretty well because I don’t want the people who reviewed the book to feel like they don’t have a reason to buy the real thing.  I added a few more chapters and a little more information.

My next task was creating a book cover.  I tried to design one myself and quickly realized that I needed professional assistance.  I liked my first cover but Veronica Owens, Owner and Creative Consultant with Skyla J Creative Consulting, created a final product that I absolutely love!

So… what’s the book about?

“Is She The ONE?” is written for the man who thinks he is ready to get married.  There are ten projects for him to undertake to figure out if the woman of his dreams is a gold digger, a drama queen or THE ONE.  Obviously the labels are generalizations and not meant to demean anyone but describe some dominant personality traits.

Click here for a sneak peek and feel free to buy an advance copy while you are on the site.

Buy it directly from me by July 9, 2010 and receive an autographed copy from the first printing run!


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