Success Secret #41

I have worked with a couple of clients that are excellent planners.  I mean they can conceptualize their business from start to finish, they can see their business idea from the color of the chairs in their office to the prints on the walls in their lobby.

However, many people that I meet including clients, friends and acquaintances have a similar problem, which leads to success secret #34… stop planning and start doing.

There are many facts in life and they include: we will all fail at something, it is difficult to progress without action and in order to win, you have to begin.

So, if you have a goal in life, you have to not only have a plan to achieve that goal but you also have to commit yourself to doing the action.  At some point in the course of your actions, you will have some setbacks, you will have some failures and you will get discouraged; however, you have to keep moving forward.  Even on those days that you feel like you are taking two steps forward and one-step backward; don’t focus on the step backward because you have netted one-step forward.

There is a reason that some people achieve success while others don’t.  It is not because they are that much smarter or that they have luck on their side but they refuse to give up on their dream.  One of the reasons that I highlight people in my “It’s all about…” segment is because of their determination to keep pursuing their goals.  I know for fact that these individuals have had to persevere through some tough times but they had a plan, began doing the work and didn’t give up.

If you want to be successful, commit yourself to doing the work to achieve your goals and not just think about or plan for it.


5 thoughts on “Success Secret #41

    • Thanks! It’s crazy that I wrote that before speaking to you and our convo echoed a lot of those points. You are destined for success if you stick with your plan and keep working hard 🙂


  1. Love this! I’ve had the habit of planning all this great stuff I wanted to, but I always want to right for the “right” time. I am finally realizing that there’s no such thing as a “right” time, and I need to just go ahead and do it!


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