Cooking with the sensual Chef Amadeus

Chef Amadeus, Private Chef & Creator of Southern Passion Spices

Most women dream of having a man in the kitchen to stir things up.

I accidentally bumped into a man who is not only capable of doing just that but he seems to enjoy it immensely.  Not only does Chef Amadeus cater to women in the kitchen he also seems to have an intimate understanding of how taste buds and sweet, sensual aromas work in tantum.  He does not hide the fact that he knows the way to a woman’s heart… through her kitchen.

I had the pleasure of chatting up Chef Amadeus while he was on his way to Atlanta for a culinary show to promote his spices, Southern Passion, a gourmet line of spices created without salt for healthy cooking.

Chef Amadeus is a private chef specializing in healthy Southern dishes.  He enjoys coming into a home and cooking whatever is your fridge.  He doesn’t require any fancy grocery store trips and he loves a crowd.  Check out his “Ladies Night Out” for information on bringing him into your home to wine and dine you and your friends.  He delights in combining the scents from your bedroom and bathroom to create a tantalizing meal for your dinner party or a romantic meal for you and your mate.

Although the Chef admits his three favorite things are golf, travel and cooking (not necessarily in that order), he also proved to have a very big heart.  Whenever the Chef comes into a city, he likes to cook for a not for profit and donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his spices to that organization.  I can’t wait for him to come to Alabama and show me how to use a little southern passion to spice things up 😉

Be on the look out for Chef Amadeus in a city near you or follow him on Twitter for tour dates.  Don’t forget – you can have some southern passion in your very own kitchen.  Visit for more details and to order your very own spice collection.


3 thoughts on “Cooking with the sensual Chef Amadeus

  1. This sounds like a GREAT idea! definitely gonna look him up for girls nights out & definitely defintely for romantic night w. the boy toy, lol…thx for posting! 🙂


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