Battling Demons

One evening while out to dinner at a buffet-style restaurant, I noticed two little girls, who appeared to be sisters, prancing around the restaurant in their swimsuits.  I was surprised that they didn’t have on any type of cover-up and as is typical with swimsuits; their booty cheeks were hanging out.

I tell this story because I started to think about the demons that people battle with on a daily basis.  I imagine that there were some pedophiles in that restaurant who may have never acted on an urge but seeing these little girls may have caused those demons to rage from within.  If something tragic happened to those little girls, I would not blame the parents but I would like to think that parents should do all that they can to protect their children, which includes ensuring they are properly covered in public.

I also began to think of my own demons that I battle on a daily basis.  In a few short weeks, I will be attending a church convention and possibly elected to a national committee that is tasked with developing Christian Ministries for Young Adults (ages 22-40).  I could be responsible for the ministries in Florida, Alabama and Georgia within my church denomination, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.  This sounds great and is definitely something that I am looking forward to, however, as many of you have read in my Christian and Cool chronicles, I sometimes still have the urge to go out and party, I like to have a drink or two every now and again to wind down and obviously, I am an unwed mother.

I have never prayed for God to remove these desires from my life or to change any part of who I am because I am a work in progress and already feel myself growing and maturing but I do wonder how my lifestyle is perceived by others, especially within the church.  I don’t feel that the demons that I battle have the potential to do any harm like those of someone homicidal or those of a pedophile but they are what I consider to be my demons nonetheless.

As we go through out daily life trying to suppress those thoughts, desires and urges that society deems unholy, it feels like we are at war with ourselves.  So how do you cope?  I use the following three methods to maintain a life alignment:

  • Surround myself with people who have my best interest at heart
  • Focus on positive and productive activities
  • Always remain considerate of how my actions might affect those around me

What are some methods that you use to live on the good side and suppress your demons?


2 thoughts on “Battling Demons

  1. Great Read! You’re right we all definitely battle our own demons, but your three methods to cope, should help you maintain successfully. We are all unique and none of us are perfect! But having good morals and values, the audience you are trying to reach will definitely pay attention!


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