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This six-week series is designed to walk you through the process of determining whether becoming an entrepreneur is right for you to determining your target market and analyzing your financial statements.

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Week 1: Introductions (July 15, 2010)

Do you dream about owning your own business?  Are you uncertain of what you need to do to jumpstart your business idea?  Well, you are not alone!  As an introduction into entrepreneurship, you will learn entrepreneur’s traits; pros and cons of business ownership; receive a start-up checklist; and learn how to determine if business ownership is for you. 

Week 2: Entrepreneur’s Challenge #1 – The Business Idea (July 22, 2010)

If you’re thinking of starting a business assessing your Business Idea is essential. From your first flash of inspiration to launching your business, there is much to be done before opening your doors for business. How do you know you’ve covered all the bases? This session will examine your business idea(s); assist you in creating your mission and vision statements and goal setting.

 Week 3: Entrepreneur’s Challenge #2 – Operation Management (July 29, 2010)

Operations Management is, most simply, planning and making the activities of your business happen. Challenges for the business owner in the first few years include staying focused; using their own time, energy and talent for the most productive benefit; staying on top of administrative tasks; and continuously tracking and acting on their goals. Operations Management practices include: structuring the business, planning and goal ­setting; developing and using action plans; efficiently managing business resources; professionally developing yourself and/or hiring, training and managing others to do the work of the business;’, operating the business’s facility and equipment; managing the quality of products and customer service.

Week 4: Entrepreneur’s Challenge #3 – Sales, Marketing & Competition (August 5, 2010)

Every business decision you make, from the design, production and pricing of your product or service, to the location of the office, store or even the decision to be home based, to the way you advertise will be determined by two questions: who are your customers and what do they want? The more you know about who your customers are and what their needs are, the more successful your business will be. Market research is all about getting to know your service or product, potential customers, the competition and your business environment.

Does your product or service measure up to your competitor(s)? Does it serve a unique market or can potential customers find it elsewhere? Have you sized up your competition? Successful entrepreneurs know their markets, competitors, buying trends of their customers and what it takes to be competitive. You will need to identify all competitors (direct and indirect) and analyze their strengths and weaknesses to determine how you can best compete. This is vital to the success of your business idea because it reduces risk, time and expense.

In this session, you will learn the importance of market research, examine the 4 P’s, understand competitive advantage and tools that you will need to start your own market research and examine  who, what, and where of the competition.

Week 5: Entrepreneur’s Challenge #4 – Human Resource Management (August 12, 2010)

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of a company’s most valued assets – the people!   In this session, we will explore the function within a company on recruitment, management, and the direction of the people. 

Week 6: Entrepreneur’s Challenge #5 – Finance Management (August 19, 2010)

A small business owner’s relationship with money and their ability to successfully manage their personal finances and credit are directly connected to their success in the planning, decision-making, detailed oversight and big picture strategizing that are necessary to healthy business finance management. In this session, clients will focus on competencies that include: budgeting, tracking income and expenses, managing cash flow, developing and maintaining credit, investing and building assets.

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Course 1 led by Entrepreneurial Expert LaKesha Womack at 10am (CST) on July 15, 22, 29 and August 5, 12 and 19

Course 2 led by Entrepreneurial Expert Sylvia Browder at 7pm (CST) on July 15, 22, 29 and August 5, 12 and 19


Plus, you will receive the following BONUSES:

  • A special 60 minute consultation with your Entrepreneurial Expert, Sylvia Browder or LaKesha Womack, following the final session
  • Entrepreneurial Challenge E-Book to follow along with each week
  • Downloadable Women’s Resource guide 

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