The measure of a man

I spent most of Father’s Day trying to think of something clever to write in honor of fathers throughout the world.  Wow, that task sounds daunting to even think about.  I then tried to think of something profound to say about my own father and our relationship.  I realized that I am a little to private to reveal such details.  My next thought was to write about my relationship with my son’s father and I quickly decided that wasn’t a good idea, at all.  Needless to say, I didn’t post anything about Father’s Day and instead took my son to the beach.

The day reserved for fathers was filled with many emotions and I can blame Twitter for many of them.  One of the great joys of active tweeting is being a part of so many conversations with a multitude of different people.  This year was the first time that I was able to really observe some of the other Father’s Day experiences that have always been happening around the world.  The experiences ranged from young women commending their fathers for setting the bar so high in their future relationships to young men who never knew their fathers but thanking them anyway for their sperm donations to those who celebrated single mom’s for doing double duty as mother and father.

As I continued my reflections and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on Gulf Breeze (AL) beach, a thought stuck in my head… what is the measure of man?

The Measure of a Man

The measure of a man is not in what he buys or supplies but his value of those things unseen, unsaid and untouched

The measure of a man is not in what he drives or wears but his character, pride and ability to respect those around him

The measure of a man is not in his ability to fertilize a garden but his desire to tend the land and cherish it’s fruits

The measure of a man is not determined by society’s worth on his life but his own self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect

The measure of a man is not in his street cred but the life he lives in the streets and behind closed doors

The measure of a man does not begin once he becomes a father or husband but will be tallied as a culmination of all his life’s experiences

There are many fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc who are helping each of us to become the people that we are today.  Don’t place them on mortal pedastals nor condemn their actions when not meeting your standards because we are all in this world doing the best that we can…

A saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.


What do you think?

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