My favorite thing: Betsey Johnson dresses

I think this should be my birthday dress... happy #33 (Aug 4)

Back in the day, I was a Store Manager at Betsey Johnson’s boutique in Nashville.  Before working there, I had always admired the designer’s bold colors and girly dress styles.  She isn’t afraid to do her own thing which makes her my kind of girl.

I vividly remember the store’s silver floors and pink walls as well as the reaction of many of Nashville’s conservative customers as they ventured into our wonderland.  I don’t think many of them expected to find such timeless creations in what seemed like a whacked out locale.

Aside from Betsey’s cute shoes and accessories, her dresses have always been my favorites.  I wasn’t much of a dress person before finding her designs but it seems like they fit me perfectly, offer the optimal balance between flirty and sexy while making me feel like a woman.

If you’ve never been in one of her stores, I suggest you check it out.  If the styles seem a little over the top, I suggest you at least try one on… you never know (how they will fit or look) ’til you try 🙂

Visit Betsey Johnson online and find a store near you…

Follow Betsey on Twitter to find out about the latest Betsey sightings and specials…


4 thoughts on “My favorite thing: Betsey Johnson dresses

  1. OMG I luv BJ!!!! Especially her fragance…it smelled so nice on me & I was constantly getting compliments..well worth the $65 to grab a bottle & now I.m gonna have to try on a dress…cuz yea the style seemed a lil overwhelming when I visited the Lenox mall location in Atlanta..nice post! 🙂


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