Things to do on Twitter

  1. Follow a TT… TT’s are Trending Topics which is a topic that lots of people are having the same conversation about.  To be included in a trending topic made sure #trendingtopic is included in your tweet.  Example #hesnotintoyou would have people all of the world discussing ways to determine if “he’s not into you”
  2. Encourage your friends to #FF… #FF is a popular trending topic on Friday meaning Follow Friday.  Often tweople will list some of their favorite people for others to follow.  Great way to introduce your network favorites to each other
  3. Have a conversation.  If you want to conversate directly with someone on Twitter, you have to include @ + their username in order for it to show up in their timeline.  For example, if you were addressing me in a tweet, you would post @lakeshawomack and then say what you have to say.
  4. RT messages… I love to RT or ReTweet what others have posted especially if it promotes a product or service that I believe my network will find useful.  Quotes are probably the most often RTed messages.  Simply type RT and then copy and paste the message that you want to repeat unless your application has a RT feature.  You can also add personal commentary before or after the message (just make sure you stay within 140 characters).
  5. Send a DM… just remember, you can only Direct Message someone if they are following you.

4 thoughts on “Things to do on Twitter

  1. Marion says:

    Very informative! Was this post specifically for me? lol OMG I must admit that I am new to Twitter so it was very beneficial! Two Thumbs up!


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