How much time do your kids need?

As a single mother and serial entrepreneur, one of the biggest struggles that I have is finding the right balance between working to provide for my son and spending time with him.  I am not a perfect parent but I try hard to do my best.  However, as a small business owner, my day doesn’t end at 4pm when the day care closes.  In fact, I frequently have conference calls between 6pm and 8pm.  Ideally, having a nanny or husband to catch the slack for me would work wonders but in reality, I don’t have that luxury.  My solution is to schedule events with him during my free evenings but I often wonder if that is enough…

So my question is… how much time do you spend with your kids each day?


One thought on “How much time do your kids need?

  1. I think I am spending way too much time with my kids, lol. I am at home with them 24/7 (I am looking for a job). It was fine when they were younger but now that they a little annoying to be around constantly. I know that I am lucky because their are plenty of people that don’t get the quality time, so I’ll try to enjoy it while I can.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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