Are you young, fabulous and fresh for summer?

It is so hard to believe that summer is right around the corner.  In fact, it will officially be summer on Monday, June 21.  In southern Alabama, it is already around 95 degrees in the afternoon so it feels like summer is in full swing.  I remember when it was bone chilling cold and we couldn’t wait for it warm up.  I guess this is another case of being careful what you wish for.  In the back of my mind, I knew this day was coming.  Nevertheless, I prefer scorching hot temperatures over the cold weather so I am determined not to complain (check back with me in July and August to see how I am doing).

Part of living the fabulous life is keeping your cool and staying fresh without stripping down and standing bare in front of a fan… tempting but not the best idea.  Check out my five tips for getting fresh for summer…

  1. Exfoliate.  This is great for men and women and is something that you can do at home.  You can buy an exfoliation sponge or a pair of the gloves, grab your favorite soap and get to scrubbing.  I swear, nothing feels better than removing all of the dead skin from your body.  I’m a little particular so I use a different sponge for my face but I like a fresh start at least once a week.  I promise, your skin will thank you for removing the dead layers of winter and letting your natural glow bask in the sunshine.  Don’t forget to follow up with some sunscreen before you head out each day.
  2. Shave.  Women… we can get away with so much during the winter but once you start sporting those cute rompers and sundresses, shaving should be added back to the grooming list.  Men… some of you think the beard is sexy but I can image that it adds about 15 degrees of heat to your face.  I shudder to think of kissing a man with hair on his face when it feels like 110 degrees… that may just be me…
  3. Get your feet right.  This is another area that men and women get a little relaxed with during the colder months but it is officially time to get some professional help for your toe jammies.  I’m not saying that you have to get a pedicure every two weeks but at least a polish change and file down once per month.
  4. Assess your wardrobe.  Stop filtering through your winter clothes to get to the stuff that you actually want to wear.  Invest in some storage bins, pack up the winter clothes and bring out the summer gear.  It will free your mind to be able to clearly see your daily wardrobe selections and save you time when getting dressed.
  5. Buy new sheets.  I know you are probably like, “where did that come from?” I love to have a big, warm comforter, blanket and sheets that squeeze me tight during the winter nights but once summer time rolls around, I am ready to shed the sheets and feel the cool air breezing over my body.  Trust me, a fresh set of sheets will change your daily outlook.

 I hope these tips help to get you ready for summer… it’s right around the corner and you have an obligation as a young and fabulous person to get fresh for summer.


2 thoughts on “Are you young, fabulous and fresh for summer?

  1. Looks like i’m good to go b/c I checked off everything on your list! 🙂

    and i also prefer hot & scorching heat vs bitter frost bite cold, but its so hot here today in SC i dnt even wanna go outside! LOL! like u said be careful what u wish for! and i recommend in addition to the new sheets to get a nice summery new bedspread as well. lots of places (bed,bath & beyond/target/walmart) have the new quilt/bedspread collections. they come in beautiful designs (u.ll LOVE if ur a vintage chic girl) & aren’t nearly as thick as ur winter down comforter may be!


  2. I have summer bedding and my sisters think I am nuts. The colors are bright and vibrant and bing out a white coverlet that has a huge orange flower on it. I love it. You are so right about the feet, get a pumice stone for the shower. Nothing worse than beautiful shoes and pterodactyl toes.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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