My favorite thing: Jose Cuervo Margaritas

Normally I don’t like pre-mixed drinks and I rarely drink lime-flavored margaritas but…  Jose’s got it going on! 

During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I bought a bottle because I didn’t feel like playing bartender.  I put it in the freezer for a few hours then poured from the bottle into ice-filled glasses for the rest of the day.  It was perfect.  I highly recommend using this during your next party or bbq. 

Make sure you buy several bottles, your guests will love it! (add more tequila at your own risk)


3 thoughts on “My favorite thing: Jose Cuervo Margaritas

  1. @Kesh: Girl these are MUST need for the perfect summer party! My sister’s roommate often has rockband parties & I am always dubbed bartender cuz i make a mean Jose Cuervo ‘rita! They even have the kind now where everything is mixed in together all you have to do is freeze for abt 8hours i think and wala! sip, pour, & enjoy!

    @steve: I may not start speaking spanish fluently but I’m definitely be trying to, lol, & after ‘rita #3 I’m having a good time…salsa dancing & all! LOL


  2. Mmmmmmmm maragritas. When my friend and I get together we easily kill 2 pictures of this, not to mention shutting down Chiptoles.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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