Everybody wants to be PHLI

PHLI is a Chicago staple for urban fashions and this weekend they are hosting a grand opening at 1613 East 55th Street.  The festivities begin today (June 11) and will last through Sunday.  Make sure you stop by to see what all of the buzz is about…

Dave Jeff, the PHLIest CEO

PHLI was founded by Owner and CEO, Dave Jeff, in 2002 as a “Sneaker Boutique”.  Although they have moved from the original location, the new and improved spot is set up with features such as an internet bar and grooming stations.

I met the guys (Dave Jeff and Scott Witherspoon) behind the PHLIness while visiting Chicago and I was super impressed with their business concept as well as their involvement in the local community. 

Don’t tell anyone but… there are plans underway to make PHLI a national brand.  Check out their sites and let me know if you would be interested in having a location in your city.

Visit their website: http://phliworldwide.com

Become friends with Owner, Dave Jeff: http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Jeff/628778615

Read more about them: http://phliworld.blogspot.com

Follow the movement: http://twitter.com/phliasiwannabe

See it online: http://myspace.com/phliworldwide

We all need space, check out theirs: http://myspace.com/phli

Thanks for checking out another place to see and finding out about more people to know… Do you have any suggestions for me to check out?  Email me at contact@lakeshawomack.com


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