Entrepreneurial Network – Helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges

As you begin to think of becoming an entrepreneur, there are many challenges that you will face.  When most of my clients come to me, they don’t know where to start.  They are also hesitant to jump right into a long-term consulting engagement without having their business idea fully developed.  So they decide to work it out on their own.  Many of them scour the internet for information and read tons of articles, books and anything else that they can get their hands on to help them get started.  Yet, many of them are in the same position they were in before they began all of the research… thinking about their business idea.  My business partner, Sylvia Browder and I have come up with a way to help you overcome those challenges.

We developed the Entrepreneurial Network and will serve as your Entrepreneurial Experts.  We both offer business-consulting services and created a six-week program for people thinking about starting a business.  During this course, you can evaluate your business idea as well as the process that leads to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  You will receive a weekly e-book to follow along with as well as a weekly one-hour webinar to discuss and ask questions about each step in the process.  Following your final session, you will receive a one-on-one one-hour consultation with your business consultant to discuss your business plan in private.

Check out our site.  Registrations will open June 21 and the sessions begin July 15.  There are only eight spaces available in each of the 10am and 7pm weekly courses.  I will be facilitating the 10am session so send me an email to Contact@LakeshaWomack.com if you want to preregister.

I can’t wait to help you overcome your entrepreneurial challenges and become a successful business owner!


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