Networking Beyond the Business Card… Tip #3

Networking isn’t just about figuring out WHO you should be networking with or how much information to reveal when having pubic interactions but you have to be prepared to network.  Tip #3… Be Prepared to Network

What does that mean?  How do you prepare to network?  There are two things that you need: 1) your business card with pertinent contact information and 2) your sixty-second commercial.

This is how it goes.  First, you figure out where you are going and what level of networking you plan to do.  Then you put your game face on and check your personal baggage at the door.  Once you enter, use my small talk tips to determine if you have a connection with the person before you.  Don’t immediately start passing out your business cards because you want to make quality connections over passing out a large number of cards to people who don’t know anything about you. 

Once the question comes along, “What do you do?” you have to be prepared with your thirty to sixty second commercial.  Don’t just say, “I’m a Business Consultant” because that could mean a million different things.  You want to give very specific information about what you do, not just a job title.  After you have exchanged commercials, you can determine whether this person would be a viable contact.  If so, now is your chance to pass along a business card.  Anytime sooner is a premature… well, you get the picture.

Check back next week for Tip #4…


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