Once upon a time (parents, let them fill in the blanks)…

I think reading books to my son is one of the greatest past times that we enjoy with each other.  However, there is another activity along the same lines that I find just as entertaining, if not more.

I start with “Once upon a time…” and since my son has read so many books with me, he knows that there is supposed to be something that comes next.  During this activity, I let his imagination run wild and he gets to tell me what comes next.  It is so surprising to hear what happens in the mind of a four year old.  Giving him the freedom to use his imagination makes his face light up and his eyes glow.  He knows that even though he can’t read, yet, this is his turn to teach me something.

I love to hear about the purple dragons walking through the park or the alligators playing golf.  Try it with your child; give them little feeders when they get stuck to keep the story rolling along and unlike books…  “The End” comes whenever you are ready.

Let me know how it works…


One thought on “Once upon a time (parents, let them fill in the blanks)…

  1. My boys and I always do story starters. It’s always fun to go around in a circle and add our parts into the story. They crack up laughing seeing the direction the story goes in.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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