Does your business need Cash Flow? Check out this business…

As a Business Consultant, one of the biggest challenges that I have when working with my clients is getting them access to capital.  Sure there are plenty of banks and loan programs available but not many of them are willing to take a chance on a start-up or small business.  The risk is magnified if you don’t have great credit or collateral to leverage against your business idea.

While networking at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting some representatives from The Cash Flow.  They seemed like nice guys but my interest was immediately piqued when I learned of their business concept.  They are working to build a network of young entrepreneurs on their website AND they are giving some of these business owners access to the things they need most – capital and information.

Yes, I was like you… What’s the catch?  What business can really go around giving away $10,000 just based on an idea?  They are using the power of their personal network and their online community to build up funds to help assist other business owners.  The Cash Flow was the sponsor of the BE Elevator Pitch contest and it seems that they have plans to launch a national tour.  Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs will have an opportunity, much like Shay Atkins, Owner of Just Turkey and BE’s Elevator Pitch contest winner, to submit their pitch and have a chance to receive $10,000 to make their business idea a reality. 

I’m sure your wheels are already turning.  What could your business do with $10,000?  How would $10,000 make your idea a reality?  You know I’m all about doing the work so my advice to you… go to The Cash Flow , create an online profile then start thinking about how your business could use $10,000 so that you will be ready for the contest when it comes to a city near you. 

Where street smarts meets book smarts...

Visit them online and create a profile at

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By the way…. take a minute to leave a comment and share your business idea with me.  You never know whose reading… the Cash Flow isn’t the only company giving away money for great ideas 🙂


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