The BOSS shows Atlanta how to network

If you were in Atlanta last night (Monday, May 17) and you missed our Entrepreneur’s Connect event at the W Hotel, then you missed out on an opportunity to see how networking is really done.

BOSS Founder, Cameka Smith, contacted me about a week before we arrived in Atlanta and said that we could not come to Atlanta for the conference and not host an event.  I could not have agreed more.  This dynamic diva secured a location immediately and was emailing flyers before the idea had completely settled in either of our heads.

As soon as she touched down in the city, we were busy talking to everyone from shoppers at Atlantic Station to attendees in the hotel.  By the day of the event, the buzz was circulating around the hotel about our event and we were looking forward to having a chance to get know our fellow attendees a little better.

The event started off a little slow because it coincided with the Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch contest.  We didn’t mind since one of the members of The BOSS Network was a finalist.  As people started to trickle in, news came with them that our very own, Shay Atkins had won the contest and $10,000 for her business, Just Turkey.  Needless to say, the event took on a very celebratory tone and the room became filled with entrepreneurs talking about their upcoming projects and making connections.  It was great to see business cards being passed and information exchanged.

The BOSS is considering hosting more events in the city to continue building their network.  Based on the reaction from the event, the concept would be well received.

Visit my blog tomorrow for a list of people that I met at the event and that you need to know…


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