Welcome to Atlanta… Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference

Most of you know that I am in Atlanta for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference.  For the past few months, I have been tweeting about the event and encouraging everyone that I know to come and join me.  Today is the first day and we have only had one event, The Opening Reception.  For everyone that was skeptical about paying the fee to attend, the reception definitely set the tone for what I expect is to come.

Not only did I have a chance to meet with some amazing professionals, there was a great live band, wine, beer and liquor bar as well as appetizers.  Butch Graves, CEO of Black Enterprises, made the opening remarks and welcomed us to the conference followed by the CEO of a Exxon Mobile, a title sponsor of the conference.

I was a bit dismayed talking to one conference attendee who mentioned that he had some reservations about attending the conference for the first time. ” Why?”, I asked.  He reminded me that for some years, networking conferences had become opportunities for men and women to flirt and hook up.  Ouch!  I remembered this being put out a few years ago but leading up to this conference, I was so excited about meeting professionals that I had met online, I had not even considered the negatives of coming to Atlanta.  Guess what?  I am still not going to focus on that.  I only plan to meet and interact with other professionals who are in Atlanta and about their business.  Is that you?  Email me (contact@lakeshawomack.com) so that we can hook up before Wednesday.

So… who did I meet today?

  • Sirena Moore:  CEO of Elohim Cleaning Contractors, Inc.  At 28 years old, she is a sought after high energy speaker and has achieved more than many entrepreneurs twice her age.  In less than five years, Ms. Moore has taken a small construction cleaning firm that she started with her father and brother and turned it into a million dollar business that continues to grow.
  • Joey Womack: yes, Joey is my cousin and we connected on Twitter.  He is working on a great project to connect the past and future generations of Florida A&M University alumni as well as being on the Steering Committee for the conference
  • Luke Riggins: this young man is about his business which is providing cash flow to up and coming entrepreneurs.  I was impressed with Luke’s passion for helping entrepreneurs to not only get assistance with developing successful businesses but also with giving them what they need most – access to capital
  • Steven Pargett: I love to see young men out networking and not trying to collect phone numbers but making business contacts.  You can tell a lot about a man based on the people he hangs around and Steven is connecting himself with ALL of the right people look for future posts about him and his business partners. In the mean time, check out his blog – http://www.thinkperiod.blogspot.com/
  • Tom Jones: One of the Black Enterprise’s Wealth for Life Principles is “guaranteeing my wealth is passed on to future generations through proper insurance and estate planning”.  Tom is doing double duty on this principle.  He is part of a family business that provides insurance services in South Carolina.  Listening to him speak about lessons that he is passing on to his younger brother and lessons learned from his father, let’s me know these gentlemen are building a business on a solid foundation
  • Last but soooo not least is the incredible Cameka Smith, not only is she the Founder of The BOSS Network but she is also one of the sweetest and most supportive women in my life.  Join the movement, we are about our #BOSSbusiness


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Atlanta… Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference

  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing experience! Never underestimate the value of networking! I am so glad you are making wonderful contacts and I hope to be joining you and Cameka next year!


  2. joymnalaymn says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



  3. Douglas Young says:

    Hi, my name is Douglas Young am putting together a event of Feb 27, 2011. Am 21 years of age i stay in Birmingham, Al. I was asking my i have some pointers or assistance with bringing it together and making my dream come alive! I just want to celebrate and embrace our culture and give back to the community and the ones before us that gave us so much.

    Event Proposal

    1st Annual Black Heritage Extravaganza
    “Sunday” February 27, 2011
    Time: 4 P.M.
    Sponsored By: Grand Opening LLC.

    Birmingham Boutwell Auditorium
    1930 8th Avenue North
    Birmingham, AL 35203-2204
    (205) 254-7797

    Table of Contents

     Who Are We?
     General Event Details
     Target Groups & Demographics
     Event Overview
     Incentives
     Contact Info

    Who Are We?
    Grand Opening LLC is a multi- resource company specializing in products, events, services, and entertainment. Offering potential business entrepreneurship: networking opportunities, investment advantages, and innovative ideas. This is accomplished with integrity, dedication, and accountability. Utilizing our talents, we help your company achieve and maintain business goals with great ingenuity.

    “Let Our Net Work For You”
    G.O. LLC

    General Event Details/ Intentions
    The purpose of the venue is to capitalize on the progress, achievements, and prosperity of the black community. As well as to promote political development, economical improvement, and to allow networking/ socialization of affiliated companies and organizations amongst communities. It is designed to showcase and embrace African-American heritage, attracting the multi-culture population.

    Target Groups & Demographics
    (All Cultures) (All Ages)

    Event Overview

    Location: Birmingham Boutwell Auditorium
    Date: February 27,2011
    Time: 4 p.m.- Until
    Expected Attendance: 2,000

    This event is planned to be a Gala affair. It would be promoted as a semi-professional to professional public event for communities and surrounding areas, to celebrate the heritage and culture of African Americans. This event will feature a multi-level of community activists, great music, live performances by national and local artists; networking, dancing, fashion models, appetizers, gift bags, door prizes and more!

    • Introduction
    GRAND OPENING presents!
    Hostess: Local Lady “Woo” from 95.7 Jamz

    • Musical presentation by gospel artists

    • Community Leaders:
    Pastors Greene, Moody, and Moore – take the stage to present their ideas and opinions about the evolution of the church and the role it plays in today’s culture.

    • Education:
    Recognition to educational institutions for their achievements, works and outstanding contributions towards the growth and elevation of the youth subculture.

    • Dancing:
    Professional and semi-professional dance and step teams.

    (Intermission) Saxophone solo by Milton Eptin

    • Business Essentials:
    Panel of six business entrepreneurs giving a brief summary of who they are and their experiences. Answering a series of related questions.

    • Musical selections by R&B singers

    • Healthcare Information:
    Healthcare official(s) provide information concerning relevant health issues of today. Giving advice and guidance to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    • Heritage Fashion showcase:
    Double-sided show with 50 models showcasing clothing lines and hairstyles modeling to live performances from various artists.

    • Dance Team:
    J. Lockhart Performing Arts Institute

    Sponsor Incentives
    The main incentive of our partnering sponsorship is exposure to target groups.

    Sponsorship is to include:
    • Logos/info on event flyers and invitations
    • Logos, Website links, and images on email marketing and various campaigns with our media affiliates
    • Promotional models
    • Premium giveaways
    • Banners

    Monetary contributions are:

     $400 Gold – General Access to the venue for you and your representatives “max of 10 reps”; Logo and recognition on promotional material.

     $800 Platinum-Access for you and your representatives “max. of 10 reps”; Exclusive VIP sections w/ refreshments for your representatives; signage within the venue; mention of company with radio ads; major logos and recognition on all promotional materials and mentions on our mixed promotional CD.

    Contact Information
    If you are interested in becoming one of our sponsoring partners for this event or have any questions please contact:

    Grand Opening LLC
    7017 Colony Park Dr.
    Birmingham, Al 35243

    Email: Grandopeningent@gmail.com

    Douglas Young Waverly Williams
    (205) 218-4054 (205)563-9827


    • My first advice would be (and no offense) but not to put all of this information in the comment section of someone’s blog. It would better to contact them directly ask for a write up on your event. Since this is an older post, not many people will see the information and you could turn off the blogger from wanting to support you. I am different because I am open to supporting people who are pursuing their passions. The event looks interesting. With a timeframe, you are going to need to hustle, hustle.
      As an event planner, I would encourage you to monitor your time line on the day of the event because you have of components packed into a Sunday evening event starting at 4pm.


  4. Wow. Conferences an opportunity to “hook up”? what conference is he going to? I have never had that experience. It does amaze me that people are reserved about attending conferences, if they only knew the amount of work that goes into organizing an event like that, mostly volunteer.


  5. JTD says:

    First off, Happy New Year!!!
    I’m thinking about attending the BE Entrepreneurs Conference in Atlanta this year and I was looking for reviews before I committed.
    I’m glad I found this post. Thanks for providing insight into what appears to be a very beneficial conference.


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