It’s all about… Harold Love

Rev. Harold M. Love Jr. Minister, St Paul AME Church

Dr. Love, as he will soon be called, and I became friends many, many moons ago.  We met while I was living in Nashville and attending Lee Chapel AME Church.  Rev. Love, as he is now called, was visiting the church, if I remember correctly.  His mother and sisters are members of the church but the thing that struck me about him was the way everyone, young and old, gravitated toward him.

We were later introduced and I realized what the magnetism was.  When you think of most ministers, they are stuffy and pretty self-righteous.  They don’t always allow you to be your whole self around them rather you find yourself trying to measure up to some standard that you think is expected.  Rev. Love is different.  He is so down to earth with a great sense of humor and a true compassion for helping others.  This attitude and acceptance makes it very easy to talk to him and not feel as though you are trying up to an expectation.

I had the pleasure of working with him on a political campaign.  As a political science major from Vanderbilt, you can imagine that I had a very idealized view of American politics and it was also somewhat skewed.  Getting out in the Nashville community and talking to people about their political views, was not only eye-opening but also somewhat scary.  I was amazed at the level of apathy that exists in the black community about problems that we should have been addressing years ago.  I am the type of person that thinks every wrong should immediately be corrected and people should see the error of their ways and conform to what is best for society.  Rev. Love has a different approach.  He is one of those “meet you where you are” type people who doesn’t try to change others but leads by an example that others want to emulate.

I have had the pleasure of attending his church, St. Paul AME Church, as well observing him social and religious situations.  He never waivers from his faith but has a very practical method of leading those around him.  Please take a moment to get to know one of my good friends and a true leader in the Nashville community, Rev. Harold M. Love Jr.

  • Find him on Facebook and witness his efforts to make his community a better place
  • Visit his church, St Paul AME Church
  • Get LinkedIn with him and contact him if you ever need a young, dynamic speaker
  • Read about his efforts to lead and inspire his community during the May 2010 floods in Nashville – The Tennessean

Thanks for taking some time to get to know one of Nashville’s Best Dressed Bachelors… Don’t forget to check back next week, it could be all about YOU!


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