Take your political campaign from good to great


We’ve discussed how to run a good political campaign, but how do you take your campaign from good to great?

Common Sense Solution:

  1. Teamwork.  You are not the smartest person in the room and should not aspire to be.  You should, however, create a team of knowledgable professionals to advise you and provide you with information.  These should be people that you trust and that you know are leaders in their field. 
  2. Shake hands and kiss babies.  The public wants some face time with you.  You can not expect people to want to vote for you because of name recognition, because of past successes or because you are the most qualified.  People want to know that you care about them and their issues.  If you want until they begin seeking you out, you have waited too long.
  3. Stand on more than a slogan.  It really irritates me when politicians have these clever slogans crafted but can not speak intelligently about the real issues facing their constituents.  I would prefer that you lose the slogan and develop some substance.
  4. Create a base speech.  There should be three or four points that you consistently touch on when giving speeches.  You can change the wording depending on the audience but the overall message should always be the same.  Don’t pander and change your message to fit your audience. 
  5. Embrace your public self.  I get so sick of hearing people say that it should not matter what politicians do in their spare time.  I agree.  I could honestly care less as long as you are representing your voters.  However, the rest of society doesn’t feel that way and I don’t think they are going to change anytime soon.  Embrace the fact that you are ASKING to become a public figure.  If you have skeletons in your closets or wayward tendencies, bow out gracefully NOW.  We don’t need you to become another scandal.  American politics has had enough to last a couple of future generations.
  6. Check your gut.  Stop and ask yourself if you are really doing this for the right reason.  If you are running for a political office for any other reason than to represent the people (such as financial gain, seeking influence or power, etc), then you need to resign, right now.

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