Success Secret #29

Success secret #29… think, plan, act.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  For some reason it seems to be easier said than done.  One of my observations of successful people is that they do all three.

You probably know some people that are great thinkers and planners but no action ever follows.  What about those that plan and act but haven’t really thought about what they are doing?  Even worse are the ones that think and act without any plan. 

As you can see from imagining these examples, it is important for you to do all three, no matter what your project.  You need to think about the project or goal from start to finish to conceptualize what you want it to be.  Next, you have to plan how you will get from where you are to where you envision yourself going.  The most important, obviously, is the action.  So many great ideas have failed because of a lack of action.

A friend once debated with me about when success happens.  He thought it was with the idea but I am sure it doesn’t come until after the action.  You can have a great idea that is worth millions of dollars but if no one ever knows about it…


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