What’s wrong with black women?

It seems that lately the media and others having been going in on black women.  I realize that all of these celebrity wives may not be giving us the best public image but not all of us are like the few gracing our television screens.

Not only have black women been portrayed as unable to find a “good” man and drama queens, we are also horrible friends.  Almost every time I see a reality show, I begin to cringe when the black female comes on camera because I know there is about to be some drama.  I can’t understand why we aren’t peaceful, playful and fun loving.  Why are we always ready to start drama or fight someone? Why are most of our relationships built on finances or good looks?   To add fuel to the fire, we are not even faithful to our girls, we talk about them behind their backs, find ways to sabotage and manipulate them… the list goes on and on.

I am sure this drama-filled life is the typical black woman experience for many but not all of us are like this.  It may come as a shock after everything you’ve seen on television about us but most of us are really nice people.  We are not all catty, high strung, drama queen, gold diggers.  We are not all materialistic and looking to hook up with any and every celebrity/ professional athlete that crosses our path.  Some of us have real jobs, real friends and stable relationships.  Brace yourself, some of us even give back to our communities, advocate for good causes and spend more time helping others than we spend shopping.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with black women.  We may have a lower tolerance for bull$hit than other women but everyone is a product of their environment.  Not all of us grew up in a princess fairy tale but if you keep calling us bitches and expecting us to pop off at any second; you will eventually get what you are asking for.  We want to be nice to you but every woman has her limitations.  Please stop testing our boundaries, stop writing books and stop going on television shows criticizing our dating patterns and ranting about what we could do better.  Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house.  No one is perfect but to assume that there is a problem with black women is ridiculous.

I’m almost done… if you want respect from any woman, you should try giving her respect.  Some of the women that have all of this drama are acting out and seeking attention to compensate for a void in their lives.  If we stop highlighting their destructive behavior and using it as a public example for other women to follow, we may save our future generations of women.  Let’s focus more on women who are trying to make something of their lives than the ones living with no regard for anyone than themselves because there is nothing wrong with black women.  Just like every other race, we just have a few bad apples.


14 thoughts on “What’s wrong with black women?

  1. It appears the black woman is being put under the microscope about our issues/attitudes by the media and other “know it alls”, and I sit back and laugh at the circus of “psychoanalyst”. After centuries of holding everyone else up, getting back up, being nurtures, educators, lovers among a long list of other titles, every one wants/thinks they know what we need to do to change who we are? You’re right, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with black women.” If we’re to strong, loving, smart for you…guess what, just keep it moving.

    Great insight!


  2. Great post! I agree wholeheartly with everything you said. Why is it that our people always have to include the “Black” label. How many White Women Seminars have you seen? Have you ever seen a show titled “White Women and why they can’t find a successful man”? Can you imagine a WET – White Entertainment Television? I actually think it would cause a major uproar if this were to happen.


  3. Tracey Burnett says:

    I LOVE Black women! My problem is getting Black women to love me.

    I am 40 year old Black man who is a relatively good looking, disease free, don’t drink, don’t smoke (not a goodie two shoes), childless, person who has a decent job. I cannot find a Black woman in the DC area because the drug dealers, ex-cons, and unemployed keep beating me to them. Just an observation.


  4. *claps hands* So true; I’ve am so sick of seeing us portrayed in a negative light in the media. You would think that in 2010 there would be some acknowledgement of our positive attributes… I really have nothing to add because this post is on point.


  5. @Tracey, you must be a cyclops. if you can’t find a good looking and wonderful black woman in DC, you have to have one eye and two mouths with no thumbs and a tail. ’nuff said.

    I agree there is nothing wrong with black woman. HOWEVER, people make gazillions of dollars telling everyone that the black woman has issues, i can name names too.


  6. Listen and learn says:

    Anyone with a education knows that no one is perfect, but lets be real for once. If black woman were slaves, held up the society,and rebuilt it…they just might be fed up. They just might be bitter. Again we’re educated ….their bitterness would be toward the one who enflicted it or the likeness their of. Thus some black woman are upset because of what happened and how it happen. Im not saying they’re mad personally but hatred can be inherited just like alcoholism. Dont get me wrong these guys to day arent much but like Cheri took some credit for in a prior post….yall built them. Being a Metrosexual is/was cool to women. They love their gay friends not realizing that homosexual being excepted will lead to him fully adopting this “man role” and flaunting it. Possibly leading your daughters future husband down the same road. I definitely agree with my brothers….there’s nothing like a sister!!(In Both senses)I see that some black woman only use the attitude they wish they could of used on “Massa”. Making demands of him and flying off the handle. Our woman do reach for Extensive education and thats to be commended but when knowledge drives a woman’s love more than a husband. Now your on a “Eve” level. Sure black women have a low bs tolerance but think about it. Europeans enslaved everybody damn near. They did Native Americans worse than us…we dont even know the name of the US before they named it, but you dont see Indian women using it as an escape goat. You dont think European wives were upset when their husbands developed a appetite for the black woman…..of course. But she did something Most black woman cant do….Be quiet
    and play your part even when u dont understand.
    Granted what he(the white man) did was wrong but he took charge.
    A black man taking charge has to be fueled by obvious and everlasting success. Black woman(some) look to be the powerhouse and with the help of Willie Lynch our woman have been reprogrammed. Think of how close minded some black woman are….To put even on this site “Aint nothing wrong with black women”. None of em?? As usual they not speaking from their role they speaking from everybody’s/everybody elses. There’s something wrong with every human being but we (black people) have a angry pesimistic outlook on ourselves. How can u call a black man a dog without being a bitch?? Thats a female dog! The Faith of the black man has been destroyed and thus our woman look for salvation in the world of the one who destroyed it. Im not sure if my “educated” sisters know this(Usa) is the new Roman Empire, so the ways of this country are not truly ours.
    Once a long time ago I was talking to a “REAL BLACK MAN” who marched, protested, boycotted,etc…He said when black were uneducated and poor all we had was family. The minute we became free(European equals) we raced to become them. Now its about how much we can accomplish in their eyes. How true!! Our woman look to straighten their hair less they be called ugly. A TRUE BLACK QUEEN would love her hair. Do you think some slaves invented perms(relaxers really)?? Just sitting around with the hair they had their whole life ?? Nope some European. Watch the movie GOOD HAIR, our womans minds are literally/physically poisoned. Trust me when I tell all black women, the problem doesnt lie in your mistakes as in we all make them. Your problem lies in the ability to be open minded to the problem. Remember the black guy went to court….he told his white woman drive thru the wall and come get me. (And she did) A sister would have immediately questioned her own well being. If someone says he wears the pants to most black woman or the phrase “You wipped” she will display dominant masculine traits but let somebody come thru the window 2 in the am ….now shes a female and its your responsibility to defend with regard for personal safety. Worst of all our children have few female family oriented role models….the educated sisters so busy getting her doctring and or jumping ship she pays no attention to the example she sets. As long as the lil girl goes to college shes doing good.. BS!! Our woman so messed up they repeated blurt our “I dont need a man” …Huh ?? A Christian woman or any other?? All religons require reproduction at some point.


  7. Listen and learn says:

    The BLACK WOMEN spoken of in the light with nurturing, supporting,etc is majority around slave time. (Before, during, or right after) When women had a oppurtunity just as a man would, they jumped on it. Thus the women “evolved” into what we have today.Female doctors, lawyers, judges,& police. Theres nothing wrong with wanting better but in doing so black woman changed, so we’re not dealing with her nowadays. The woman who did those things in that day but she know to play her part. The same way “Mami” didnt want to take care of white kids and be “MASSA” sex toy but she knew a way would come out of it. It might sound stupid but in doing so those BLACK QUEENS made a way for you. They made a way for all of us. Most women now sell their abilties and responsibilites in order to pursue a …..more msnly or dominant role. By saying that I mean a “Diva” will be so successful she want her kids to be just as successful. So now she’s some Fortune 500 firm, the kids in everything in the world but they own house, the baby sitter and activities are raising the kids. The precious moments needed are replaced with what?? All the family gets out of the deal is stuff.
    While the woman can rant and rave as men do, but for what purpose?? They go college(A huge orgy party), collect serious debt unless under grant, and pledge in order to wear the original oppressor’s/MASSA’S(Greek ….Roman)symbols in order to be successful in their world. Yes this may be off topic to some or unknown to the “educated”, but they killed Jesus. Lets stop kidding ourselves…the love of money is the root of evil and so if not most go to college for money. They keep going back over and over with no plan. Not to stray because some might get lost in the comparison of U.S to Rome. They aim to disrupt and its working. One of the Rothcheilds or however you spell it was asked about womans lib. He replied …(look it up….same way some dig thru his phone/pockets dig for the truth) Its not for our woman they know their part but the rest of the world will be influenced. The men will continue being absent from home but now the woman will join them and the world which we(Europeans) control. These are not stupid people we dealing wit. It just befuddles me how black people got so smart some how they figured the person who slayed the Indians, made slaves of the rest of the world….at some point ,built paradise(Usa) with true equality no strings attached for non-blacks. What did he just leave or change his mind?? Of course he died but he passed the torch. Now we sacrifice our lives, families, souls for trinkets that constantly break that we can never keep. Its not just a black woman thing its a black people thing. We quick to say I wasnt born in Africa Im American, but to American your still African. I think black men are so fed up because black so worried about what people saying or talking themselves ….they missing the fact that male and female fuel each other but the woman nurtures the man as would a mother. Somebody s reading like well he aint man if he need a mother. Thats the Bs!! Let some thugs bust yo police son husband head with a bottle….watch you run to him as would a mothey to hold and console him. Your his fuel!! So if you verbally agressive,etc….your shooting yourself in the foot. Michelle and Obama were at a resturant(look it up) and the owner is Michelles old boyfriend. Obama says if you would have married him you’d be rich with a chain of stores. Her reply was No if he was husband he’d be president. She was joking with him but understood her role. Regardless of religon or personal she realizes SHE….SHE has the power to make or break him. So in reality whats going on ?? Europeans have us brainwashed to believe if we do it this way it’ll work. We believe this from the tongues of the great great great grandchildren of rapist, murderers, etc. They built the entire country and conquer the world doing the COMPLETE opposite of what they say works….Whilt attempt to secure a house and car by means of sacrifice. You offer yourselves to these Romans and a Black Woman is the most precious thing on earth. Thus u
    you’ve been programmed to be with or listen to anyone but your king, the black man. European woman pay good money to be you and isnt it ironic Black woman do the same thin….abandoning your post. I feel for all of us, most people are still trapped in mind thru education and in-formation. I did that with the word to show how they hide the truth in the words themselves
    .Information puts you in-formation. A library is where you find a lie-buried…Take Congress and Progress for example… forget what they said about the full word meaning and break the words down. Pro means good/positive Con means bad/negative….gress means motion. Thus Congress mean bad motion or negative motion …the opposite of Positive. But they dont teach that on House Wives of Atl or in most colleges. I could go on for days. I probably hurt some feeling, open some eyes and lost some brainwashed slave but its not their fault. They can see the went from working for the European with “COLLARS” to keep us where they wanted and now we work for the same Europeans dead faces on a “DOLLAR”..which controls us and keeps us where they want us. (Just like before) A person ia born with a pure soul. The events you go thru sculpt and mold your souls karma…Thus time and life help build the “xtras” for your soul. The country asks for your time and life missed events for the money of dead slavd masters faces which we use to “survive”?? I say all this to say when(because I have Faith in GOD) Black Men stand up and Become Black Men Black Women have to step down from the Black Man role. When we can do these two things ….we can rebuild our children, our families…. together.
    FyI Im a successful REAL BLACK MAN joyfully married with kids, but all women don’t want a womans responsibilies, they want a mans “freedom” ….to truly be equal. The Queen can never equal the KING. Next time you in Wal-Mart look around. See how many Non-black women have wedding rings, how many are alone, then look at how many look angry. See how man gay Mexicans, Asians, Chinese, Arab you see. Then look for how many black families in there. When I say family I mean with Fathers!! Not baby daddy….or alone. Look at how they dress and how your dressed. We wear our wealth, they live in theirs. Just stop and think what if I am wrong??


  8. Listen and learn says:

    Sorry for the spelling …on smart phone working at the same time.

    Remember yall BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL…..WE ALL WE GOT!!


  9. This article is very true. Some black women really need to realize that this behavior is not cute. I wrote something similar on my blog if anyone cares to read. Snowysilver.wordpress.com


  10. Nick says:

    I’m not here to bash the sisters. I am a brother with one grown child, no addictions, don’t smoke, and NO STDs. I am gainfully employed and for the life of me, have had the hardest time finding a sister who isn’t a narcissist or dealing with a deep emotional issue. I live outside Chicago and strange as this may be, want to move somewhere else I am not interested in other ethnic groups but may try one to find what I want.


  11. Ron says:

    I am married to a good black woman and very happy With my wife so while it’s true that all black women are bad however i do not agree that there is nothing wrong black women are unapproachable they are very disrespectful and seem to have a real hatred towards us I can even see a difference in the way they raise their sons. There was a time where a man really had to fight for custody now women give their sons away know about ten young men who are single parents my point here is not to bash my sisters but only to say that there is a real problem between black women and men and it is the destruction of the black family and ultimately our race. The plan to destroy us did disappear it just became more subtle and more dangerous look at our childrencc


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