Top 15 Blog Posts (Nov 2009 – April 2010)

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I took a week off. Everyone needs a break every now and again and I am no exception. If you wonder how I am able to do so much, it’s because I try to find balance and don’t mind saying no, even to myself.

This week, instead of stressing out and writing a bunch of new stuff, I decided to take a little break, honor the six month anniversary of my blog and share the top 15 posts based on what drove the readers to this site…

  1. If I die today… This post was hard to write because it almost felt like I was writing my eulogy.  It did give me comfort to know that I had actually communicated those thoughts and feelings that you hope other people know or perceive through your actions but you hate to think of leaving the world with them being unsaid.
  2. Don’t Try to Shame People into Paying Tithes: As part of my Christian and Cool journey, I have found that there are some things that are really personal, between God and me.  However, it seems that some churches attempt to exploit the Christian faith in order to build up their storehouses.  That bothers me.
  3. Success Secret #24 – Everyone who wanders isn’t lost:  I am a part of that generation who will probably never work anywhere for more than ten years.  I am ok with that.  It does not mean that I am lost, it just means that I adapt well to change and enjoy new experiences, even it means sacrificing stability.
  4. Success Secret #22 – Success requires sacrifice: Nothing in life worth having comes easy.  I enjoy sharing the lessons that I have learned because I hope that someone else may save a scraped knee by avoiding a few of the pitfalls that have derailed me in my quest for success.
  5. How does your family define normal? Every day raising my son is an adventure, to say the least.  I take the responsibility very seriously and know that what happens in his life today will have an impact on who he will be in the future.
  6. I whisper sweet nothings in his ear at night while he sleeps: You may find this odd but it’s amazing to see the after effects… wonder if it works on spouses also… hmmm
  7. The government will pay you to hire workers… no joke: Small businesses all over the country want to know how they can benefit from the federal stimulus.  This is a program that can help you grow your business while helping others.
  8. How to run a good political campaign: I am so sick of politicians running shabby political campaigns.  If you want my vote, you are going to have to work for it!
  9. Reflections: The loss of a child:  This category is one of the most difficult to write because these thoughts and memories come more from my soul than my heart or my head.  I don’t write them very often because the memories involve a deeper level of introspection than the others.  As a mother, this experience is something that I will never forget and pray that I never have to personally experience.
  10. Interracial dating:  It seemed like everyone had something to say on this topic.  I think interracial dating is great but I am not sure if I have what it takes to explore interracial marriage.  You can’t be mad at me for being honest about what makes me happy.
  11. Why I’m not married… yet:  My list may seem superficial to some but the things listed are all telling signs about the character of a person.  I know how to read the writing on the wall.  Don’t worry… I will get married one day 🙂
  12. So, YOU want to take care of ME? OMG!! I get so sick of hearing guys say this.  Let’s get real and talk about what you really mean… Oh, no one has ever asked you that before, huh?
  13. 5 Twitter Tips:  I have the BEST Twitter network!  I can say that with pride because I have reviewed all 900+ people that I follow.  I’m not an automatic follow back kind of girl.  If you want to share networks, check out these tips.
  14. The lost art of dating:  I may be a new age woman in the boardroom but when it comes to my man, I want a old-fashioned relationship.  Where are those men?  I don’t mean the ones looking to professional athletes for relationship examples, let’s go back to what our grandparents had.
  15. I don’t look like what I’ve been through… This post is a personal testimony inspired by a sermon preached by Rev. Guthridge.  Some people are twisted and think that what they see in a public person is all that there is.  Many of us face daily struggles that you may never know of but we don’t have to carry those burdens for the world to see.

If your favorite didn’t make the list, please share which post you enjoyed reading the most.  And thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me inspired to continue writing.  You are saving me thousands of dollars and years of therapy 🙂


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