Success Secret #27

Success, success, success…

It seems that everyone wants to be successful.  The only problem with this desire is that most people don’t want to do the work that is required to be successful.  Success is not something that you do rather the result of sacrifice, determination, drive and a slew of other work related actions that don’t always result in financial gain or accolades.  It is the arrival at the end point of a goal that you have set for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be major nor does it only exist in our professional lives.

Our society has led you to believe that success looks like a Mercedes, a five bedroom house or six figure salary.  It does not and that is why there are so many people who have all of these “things” but are still unhappy.  From the outside looking in, you may think that because this person has all of this “stuff” they are successful and should be happy; however, success is much like joy and happiness.  It is not a feeling that can be derived from worldly achievements or material possessions.  It is something that you have to create within yourself once you have a set a goal and accomplished it. 

Success secret #27… no matter how society defines success, you must set your own definition and work diligently toward achieving your goals to attain the feeling of success.  It will not just happen to you.  It is almost like taking a trip, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you arrive?  If you don’t know what you want from life, how will you know when you have it?

The most successful people that I know have most of the things but that is not what makes them successful.  The “stuff” is a by-product of the hard work they put in to achieve their goals.  When you choose to value the material things over the completion of the task, you may never find satisfaction because there will always be better stuff for you to buy.  However, reaching a goal will give you fulfillment and the strength to continue striving for new heights and doing more.  Money, cars and houses will come and go but your internal happiness can be lasting with or without those things.


4 thoughts on “Success Secret #27

  1. Chavarro says:

    Well said. Society’s definition of success is a one-way street to stress and frustration. Indeed, true success comes from the inside.


  2. So true! I like how you pointed out that we have to set goals and make our own definition of success. Goal setting is a huge, yet important, piece that is missing from many of our lives.

    “Everything I need to succeed is inside me.” (Simon T. Bailey)


  3. Definitely true. You have to define success for yourself, and this is something I have to remind myself from time to time.

    I also agree that achieving your goals takes work. Nowadays, a lot of people don’t realize that, or they realize it, and don’t want to put in the work.

    Great post!


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