My favorite thing: Golf

I started playing golf in high school, quit in college and picked it back up after college.  I don’t play nearly as much as I would like but have found it to be very relaxing.  I encourage women especially to get in the game because you should be surprised at how much business is done on the golf course, how many organizations host annual charity golf tournaments and how much you can network during a round of golf.  My love for the sport was elevated when my son, as a toddler, fell in love with it.  I now look forward to going to the driving range with him and seeing him develop his golf game and grow to enjoy it more and more.  If he has to go to college on an athletic scholarship, I would prefer it be for golf than football, baseball or basketball (just my opinion).

Mommy's Little Golfer

My golf tip: You can’t practice and become a better golfer without professional assistance.  Golf is all about your swing.  If you have a bad swing, it doesn’t matter how much you practice, you will just hit it the wrong way more times.  If you are having problems, invest in attending a golf clinic or getting help from a golf professional.  Once you fix your swing, you will be able to practice with or without a ball and with any club.


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