Blog of the Week (April 23): Life Requires More Chocolate – My Number is 15, What’s Yours?

Blog link:

Tiffany, Life Requires More Chocolate

Author: Tiffany

Twitter: @RedBoneGirl97

I love blogs that are cleverly written because life be serious enough on a daily basis.  It is pleasurable to go somewhere and leave with a smile on your face.  How can you not experience this feeling with a blog title like “Life Requires More Chocolate”?  That is a motto that I am sure many of us can live with – daily.

Tiffany aka RedBoneGirl97 is the author of the Blog of the Week.  Tiffany is a regular visitor my blog and leaves very insightful comments.  I especially enjoy the tips that she shares about raising her sons.  As you all know (and have probably written a million times), children don’t come with instruction manuals.  It helps to have a fellow parent to tell me if I am on track or if I may be veering a little off course.  Based on my interactions with Tiffany, she seems like someone I can trust to do just that.

As I surfing through my favorite blog sites this week, I came across “My number is 15, What’s Yours?”  I instantly became intrigued because I had no clue what my number was because I didn’t know the context of the question.  This is how the blog began…

“I  am in love.  Truly I am.  My sister has slept with him, so has my brother n law.  My mother has, as well as my kids and my sister.  I think my niece curled up with him and I know my nephew has a few times too.”

Click the link to read more and make sure you leave a comment –


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