It’s all about… Lukeither

Lukeither Willingham, Owner, Lukeither Multimedia & Design

Sometimes I think Twitter and I should have a profit-sharing arrangement because I owe them for many of the great connections that I have made with men and women all over the country.  Lukeither is no exception to this debt.  I began following her because of her Twitter username, AtlantaBizWomen.  I continued following her because she provides inspirational messages daily, is the Chairman of a professional networking group, Real Business Women Network, and she has a wealth of professional resources.

While on a business trip to Atlanta in March, Lukeither and I met in person.  It is always a little nerve-wracking to meet someone in person that you were introduced to online.  In this crazy world, you never know what to expect.  However, Lukeither was just as sweet and interesting in person as she is online.

We have a lot in common like being single mothers, entrepreneurs and having a passion to create successful businesswomen.  I am looking forward to working with Lukeither more in the future to provide professional development seminars for women in the Atlanta area but today is all about Lukeither.  Please take a moment to check her out:

  • Twitter – Lukeither has established herself as a go to person for information and resources with over 1,000 tweople in her network
  • Real Business Women Network – this group is on the move with a recent restructuring of the executive team and many live and virtual resources being added to the 2010 calendar, join the network and share your knowledge and experience with other real business women who enjoy networking
  • Lukeither Multimedia & Design – the supermom is also a successful entrepreneur, check her website for your multimedia and design services, she knows her way around the internet
  • Facebook – Don’t forget to check her out on Facebook, some of her friends may be your friends or you can meet new friends

Thanks for taking a moment to check out Lukeither’s websites and showing her some love.  Don’t forget to check back next week; it could be all about YOU!


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