Success Secret #26

I can almost instantly tell if a person or business plan will be successful.  It sucks sometimes because the “it” factor that determines success is not something that can always be taught or encouraged.  It is almost innate in the person.  Sometimes I can bring awareness and spur a change in philosophy but more often than not, if you don’t get it in the beginning, it may never happen.

Success secret #26… success comes easiest to those who focus on making others successful.  This may be a hard pill to swallow because many businesses confuse success with profitability while many individuals confuse success with accomplishment.

Let’s take the business model first.  If your business plan is based on meeting certain numbers then you may achieve profitability because you are able to reach certain milestones but you must also focus on making your clients successful or doing a great job of giving them what they are coming to you for.  People will buy your product/service because it may satisfy their need but to create a loyal customer you cannot focus on them being just another number but developing a relationship with them that makes them feel valued in your organization.

Successful people understand WIIFM – what’s in it for me.  They go into every business deal, meeting and/or networking situation with not only their own personal agenda but also understanding that the other person has to benefit also.  When you can focus on making the other person successful through your dealings, you are most likely to create success for yourself.

Just remember, I said success comes easiest, not quickest, to those who focus on making others successful.  This is because when you are working on helping someone else achieve their goals, when they are aligned with your goals, you are indirectly creating exponential success for yourself.


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