Are you disciplining your children to become entrepreneurs?

This is another one of my parental theories based on observations of people my age and parenting styles.

I believe there is a segment of our society that is preventing their children from being entrepreneurs because of too much discipline.

Ok, where am I going with this?  I look at some children and flash back to some kids that I grew up with and I’ve made the following observation: when parents allow their children to explore, make mistakes and come back to their safe place for discipline AND love, the children are more likely to carry those characteristics into their future.  These children as adults are more likely to explore entrepreneurship or seek challenging opportunities because they experienced failure as a child and knew that despite their success or challenges they were able to return to their safe place, regroup and start again.  This attitude is essential for success as an entrepreneur because you will experience setbacks more frequently than success but you have to be able to learn the lesson, regroup and return to the task.

Children whose parents have a tendency to over discipline, which I define as a total berating for doing the least or greatest thing wrong, are less likely to have an adventurous spirit because they are afraid of the consequences associated with their failure.  They have been trained that when they go out on a limb and things don’t work out, they are likely to suffer the mental, verbal and/or physical consequences.  Therefore, they tend to tread lightly through life and only choose the safe options.

I am not an advocate of not disciplining children because I firmly believe that they need to have healthy boundaries established, however, once the lesson has been taught, you should let them know that their successes and/or failures in life are in no way tied to your love for them.  This after message is what can build their confidence or destroy it.  If the child is left wondering if their parent still cares about them because they did something wrong, they are less likely to take chances in the future or they may become reckless thinking they can never earn your love.

Discipline and establishing boundaries is essential to the development of children but you should evaluate how you discipline your children to ensure you are giving them every opportunity possible for future success.


2 thoughts on “Are you disciplining your children to become entrepreneurs?

  1. I am trying to teach my kids the value of a dollar but when they people all around them throwing it in the air like it is toilet paper they are a bit confused. They are always asking why they can’t have something and why we have to save money for. They crack up laughing at me because I still dump my change in a jar everyweek and on Fridays gove them the change in the bottom of my person. I always remind them that pennies grow to dollars. My son has even joined the Future Investors of America at his school, he is only in 5th grade.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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