Presentation Tip #2: Let them take notes

Some presenters don’t want to provide a copy of their presentation because they are trying to go green, think that the information may be reused and/or think that it will be distracting.  Any one or all of these as well as a multitude of other reasons could be valid but I prefer to provide my presentation notes for the following reasons:

  • I think people pay more attention when they are allowed to doodle or follow along at their own pace, which could be ahead or behind your pace.
  • They increase your credibility.  I have had people who attended one of my seminars take the materials and show them to others who contacted me to present for their group.
  • I receive higher quality questions because they are not asking me to repeat something that I previously stated rather clarification or additional information.
  • My contact information is attached to the presentation so they don’t forget who provided the information.
  • When using a Power Point presentation, people will be able to follow along no matter where they are sitting in the venue.

Providing presentation notes may be additional cost but it can be factored into your speaking fee by providing your clients with options of how they would like the materials to be packaged (i.e. Power Point notes only, notes in a folder, notes in a customized folder, notes in a customized binder, etc).


2 thoughts on “Presentation Tip #2: Let them take notes

  1. Lakesha, I’m an avid reader and writer so I am taking notes throughout most of my conversation. It may be true that material may be duplicated but the presenter gets his/her information from some other source.
    You make some valid points to the fact that: increases credibility and fosters an atmosphere where people are able to articulate their questions more intelligently. Having contact informaiton along with the key points of your presentation is an excellent marketing tool. I’ve been contacted by a client 4 months after she received my flyer at an event, she was in another states and she’s still a valuable client of mine.

    Great article!


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