If I die today…

Facing your own mortality is perhaps one of the hardest thoughts to overcome, especially at a relatively young age.  As people get older, it is sometimes easier to accept that they have lived a long life and that it is time to pass on to the next realm.  Last week, a guy who is only a few years older than I am suffered from a brain aneurism and then a stroke.  I was mortified.  It seems that most of us live our lives as if we will live forever but what happens if you die today?

If I die today, I pray that my good works will have impressed God and earned me a place in heaven.  Many times we work in hopes of getting personal accolades but I am faithful to my visions and talents because they are each a gift from God.  My goal is not the acceptance from man but to one day hear Him say, “Well done, my child.”

If I die today, I pray that my son knows how much his mother loves him and that he is the embodiment of all the good within me.  Sometimes when he is sleeping I rub his cheek or whisper sweet nothings in his ear because I have no idea how long I will have to shape the man he will one day become.  Although I fear not seeing that handsome, adult man manifest, I feel confident in the person that he is today is on track to become someone special.

If I die today, I pray that my family knows that despite our physical or emotional distance, they are always close to my heart.  I don’t always call or visit as I should but my actions are not results of ill intentions rather issues that God and I are working out.  I realized long ago that I can’t be everything to everyone but the love that I have for my family fills my heart and I know that there is a legion of people out there that love me just as much.

If I die today, I pray that my friends know how much their stories and our shared memories contributed to the person I have become.  Many of them have become closer to me than the blood bond that I share with relatives while others have come and gone for a season.  Despite the length or depth of our relationship, I have tried to learn something from each person that I have encountered and pray that I have provided the same.

If I die today, I pray that I find eternal peace much like the peace I have in my physical life.  I have not bound myself to material things rather worked to create a life filled with meaning.


5 thoughts on “If I die today…

  1. It’s funny… I have an article that will post along the same lines on Tuesday, but also along the lines of discipleship i.e. – living life as if you know Christ. The article focuses on the life of a friend of mine who suddenly passed away last week due to cancer. How’s that for confirmation? 🙂



  2. Marshelia Evans says:

    What you have spoken here is di enlightening. We always ponder on how our families will endure and people that we have become close with, also. You want your children to continue on the path that God has laid for them and pray that the love seed that you have sewn in someone else, that God will send someone along to water that seed in your children. Do many other things to say but I won’t. Thank you Lakesha.


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