I opened my heart and there you were…

There are many instances in life when we can become unable to see the trees because the abundance of the forest is so overwhelming.

This can also be true in relationships.  We spend so much time focusing on who the other person isn’t, who they can be, who we want to be and even who we wish we were together that it is almost impossible to see who you are right now. 

Most of my blogs about relationships don’t come from me having “The One” in my life rather they are dreams and ideas of who he will be.  Many people tell me that my expectations are too high or that he doesn’t exist but I serve a God that is faithful and that wants the best for me.  I never doubt Him and know that He hasn’t forsaken me in any other area of my life so why should I doubt His ability to send my mate.  Every thought and/or dream that I have is a manifestation of a vision sent by Him, why is the vision of my future husband any different?

However, I reached a point where I had to acknowledge where I was going wrong.  It wasn’t that I set my goals too high because, believe it or not, God has sent many men into my life that fit every characteristic that I was looking for.  The problem, and they all told me the same thing, was that I could not open my heart to them and allow them to love me the way I deserved to be loved.

I have been hurt and that hurt runs deep.  Some of the pain was caused recently while other scars go back further than my mind may be able to fully recall.  No matter the time that the wounds were inflicted, they each caused my wall to rise a little higher and a little higher until I became an impenetrable force.  Yes, I am easy to talk to and easy to be around but each time I tried to fall in love, I couldn’t allow myself to open up and accept the love being offered.

One day, I decided it was time to let go and I opened up my heart.  To my surprise, my faithful God had once again delivered and there you were…


What do you think?

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